After Isabel dos Santos’ Graduation

 The Russian-African businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos, became Africa’s first female billionaire in 2013. And in 2019, a Forbes study showed that she, Oprah, and Nigeria’s Folorunsho Alakija are still the only black female billionaires in the world. Dos Santos is an active proponent and spokesperson concerning the bolstering the future of the African economy. Earlier this year she spoke on this subject at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019, urging for Russian investors to help by investing more in Africa’s plentiful resources (Affiliatedork). 

But she asked them to keep in mind that Africa is made up of a huge array of different countries with their own strengths, weaknesses, natural resources, and needs. Most of her wealth has come through stakes in her home country of Angola and in Portugal. Although she considers Angola her home country, Isabel was born in Azerbaijan, her mother’s native country. Isabel’s father, Eduardo dos Santos, had met his first wife, Tatiana Kukanova, there when he was studying there in the early 70s. Soon after she was born her father would become the president of Angola and would fill that role until 2017. 

Her entire primary and secondary schooling was achieved at an all-girls boarding school in Kent England. After graduating from this boarding school she studied electrical engineering at King’s College. After college, Isabel dos Santos would spend the next 20 years in a wide number of successful business ventures. In the early 1990s, she and her husband would move to Angola to assist her father in building up the Angolan economy. Up until 1997, she had either led or invested in companies that were owned by other people. However, at this time she started her first business, the Miami Beach Club. 

In 2017 her father appointed her president of the state-run oil company Sonangol. However, she was immediately fired after her father was replaced as president of Angola the following year. 

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