Jin Oh on Inspiration and Advice

As a member of the senior staff at Riot Games, Jin Oh has learned a lot. He came into the role with a plethora of experience in the gaming industry, but there is always more to learn. Recently, he divulged some of the things about his job that excite him, as well as the advice that he would provide to his younger self. Follow Jin Oh on Medium.

Jin Oh loves putting content into the hands of the gamers and fans. Riot Games produces League of Legends, which is an incredibly popular online game. Thus, the relationship with the fans is paramount to the success of the company and franchise. As a gamer, Jin Oh knows how excited players get about new content and new games, so he values the feedback from the fans. Visit Crunchbase to learn more about Jin Oh.

If he were to give advice to his younger self, he would emphasize not to focus on the little things. Jin Oh notes that in the early part of his career, he would sometimes get fixated on incredibly small aspects of the release or his career. These would end up hindering his progress, as they were not essential considerations for his progression – nor the progression of the products that he was releasing.

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