Business Insider Tours OSI Group McDonalds Gunzburg Factory

Business Insider Tours OSI Group McDonalds Gunzburg Factory

The question of food safety is something that everyone seems to be asking these days. With so many new health food trends and cravings going on, most people just want simple food that has no added sugars, high concentrations of salt, and no preservatives. Since the beginning, OSI Group McDonalds claimed that none of their food had preservatives. McDonald’s even created commercials demonstrating the purity of their ground beef patties. However, OSI Group McDonalds is now facing criticism from millions of concerned consumers who claim that there’s evidence that they do use preservatives.

The “evidence” in question was found by a man named David Whipple. Mr. Whipple, a common man, purchased a McDonald burger back in 1999 and claims he stored it in his kitchen cupboard for 14 years. At the end of his experiment, the burger looked almost the same as it did back when he first bought it. Once he posted the pictures online with a summary of his “experiment”, the internet went crazy and OSI Group McDonalds found themselves in hot water. Luckily, experts like Keith Warriner said that lack of rot doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with preservatives. Based on real science, rot and spoilage are the byproducts of microbes growing on food. Microbes, like all living organisms, can only thrive under certain conditions.

need water, nutrients, warmth, and plenty of uninterrupted time to grow. If Whipple didn’t have all these elements present during his experiment, then its no wonder the burger still looked the same. As if Warriner’s scientific argument wasn’t enough to reassure people, OSI Group McDonalds agreed to let Business Insider tour one of their largest food facilities. The factory in Gunzburg, Germany doesn’t belong to McDonald’s; it’s an OSI-owned and operated facility that mostly dedicated to McDonald’s product lines. Over the course of the tour, Business Inside saw no added preservatives of any kind and repeatedly noted the cleanliness and above average safety standards found throughout the entire facility. Click here.

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