OSI Group And Rose Packing A Natural Match

One of the Chicago area’s oldest and most venerable meat processing firms has purchased another Illinois legendary operator, the Rose Packing Company of Barrington. OSI Group announced the acquisition of Rose Packing in April of 2019. OSI is based in Aurora and is among the largest meat processing operations in the world. The company maintains some 70 facilities in 17 nations globally. It employs 20,000 people and was recently listed at No. 58 on the Forbes tally of largest American companies. Rose Packing has deep roots in Illinois. The company was established in 1924. It operates a plant in Chicago that employs 700 people. It produces Canadian bacon, ethnic & breakfast sausages, hams, beer brats, meatballs, loins, chops, burgers, ribs, deboned turkey products, pork shoulder, pizzas and salad toppings.

OSI Group and Rose Packing are a match made in heaven, so to speak. Both companies have established decades-long reputations for superior best quality meat products processed with extremely high standards for wholesomeness, safety and quality. Dwight Stiehl is the chief executive officer of Rose Packing. He said he is delighted about the new deal with OSI. He agrees that the OSI acquisition “makes sense” and is a natural progression for both companies as they look to the future. Dwight Stiehl said the well-established customer base and sales channels of OSI and Rose Packing create a synergy that is natural and complementary. OSI Group is among the fastest growing firms in the meat processing sector.

Beginning in the 1970s, the company has been heavily focused on expansion, and not just domestically. OSI established a major presence in China some 20 years ago. It also has extensive operations dotted throughout Europe. It operates facilities in Australia, as well as India and several South American locations. While growth has been a central aspect of the OSI Group philosophy, the company has earned a reputation for its enormous efforts to institute the quality of sustainability and environmentally sound business operation. OSI has earned global recognition for eco-friendly practices. OSI Group President David McDonald said the company is working toward becoming a “zero carbon footprint” company in the near future.

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