Richard Liu Qiandong Investments at Jingdong

Richard Liu Qiangdonglived in Jiangsu province with his family. At times Richard Liu`s family had to conduct Transportation of coal to afford meals. They were coal transporters, and Richard Liu helped his father do the business. About Richard Liu was passionate to be a politician hence attended the peoples China University, where he later changed his course to pursue Economics. He has an EMBA.

Richard Liu Career Line

While at the University Richard Liu Qiangdong spent some time on computer conducting his programming works. He later started a restaurant that did not thrive as he was very busy with the studies. After Graduation Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to work a two-year contract with a prominent Japan Company, he was the director managing various operations of the health company. After the end of the Contract, Richard Liu Qiangdong came back to China and purchased a small piece of land to conduct his online business selling magneto-optical.

Richard Liu began selling computer parts. There was stiff competition in the market, but Richard Liu formulated a strategy to sell only authentic products. After six Years, the business has expanded launching other stores across China. He used acquired profit to introduce new products. In 2003, Richard Liu was affected by the SARS outbreak that led to massive losses, and the offline business was going down. Richard Liu, as the CEO of Jingdong company he sent his employees home to avoid them from being affected. Later he founded online marketing business.

Services provided at J.D.Com

Over the years, has become famous for many people since they sell a wide range of products, including electronics, consumer goods, and luxury products., in partnership with We Chat and Wall Mart Company, has been able to gain millions of customers. All products at Jingdong are of high quality and affordable. Jingdong offer delivery to customers. They have purchased robots and drones to monitor their delivery process. has been recognized to be the largest retail business in China, and Richard Liu has taken the initiative to expand it expand to other parts of the globe. Richard Liu has earned millions through Jingdong.

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