Keeping Up With The Times: Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the International Brand President for L’Oreal. He graduated from Sorbonne, earning his certification of international business. His education would continue as he attained his MBA in 2002; from ESSEC Business college in France. The proceeding year he joined L’Oreal Paris. His main objectives in this early stage of his career were to manage consumer products sold throughout France. After working his way through several global positions in the company, he would become Assistant Vice President of Garnier global in 2005.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is currently based in New York City and operates in the east coast region. The president oversees the Matrix and Biolage sectors of the L’Oreal products company. Prior to this, he was a general manager for the same company. Over the last few years, Dan has helped L’Oreal further their reach with new creative strategies. His strategic use of technology has been utilized by the company to increase its consumer population. The newest range of products from the company is called R.A.W. Dan worked for months to create this line of products that is all-natural and has global appeal.

This has helped the L’Oreal company reach a population of consumers that may have opted out previously. By having a natural product, both consumers and the environment can benefit. The ingredients from R.A.W. Products come from plants of all types; and also minerals. Dan expresses that early in the development phase he realized the cost of production would be more than other products the company created. For this reason, it was vital to make a sustainable product that would attract people. One challenge he mentions was sourcing certain ingredients. However, persistence and research yielded them the results they desired. Since being released, the new line of products has received much praise all over the world.

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