Keeping Up With The Times: Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the International Brand President for L’Oreal. He graduated from Sorbonne, earning his certification of international business. His education would continue as he attained his MBA in 2002; from ESSEC Business college in France. The proceeding year he joined L’Oreal Paris. His main objectives in this early stage of his career were to manage consumer products sold throughout France. After working his way through several global positions in the company, he would become Assistant Vice President of Garnier global in 2005.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is currently based in New York City and operates in the east coast region. The president oversees the Matrix and Biolage sectors of the L’Oreal products company. Prior to this, he was a general manager for the same company. Over the last few years, Dan has helped L’Oreal further their reach with new creative strategies. His strategic use of technology has been utilized by the company to increase its consumer population. The newest range of products from the company is called R.A.W. Dan worked for months to create this line of products that is all-natural and has global appeal.

This has helped the L’Oreal company reach a population of consumers that may have opted out previously. By having a natural product, both consumers and the environment can benefit. The ingredients from R.A.W. Products come from plants of all types; and also minerals. Dan expresses that early in the development phase he realized the cost of production would be more than other products the company created. For this reason, it was vital to make a sustainable product that would attract people. One challenge he mentions was sourcing certain ingredients. However, persistence and research yielded them the results they desired. Since being released, the new line of products has received much praise all over the world.

OSI Group Acquires Greater Capacity with Acquisition of the Rose Packing Company

The OSI Group made another move to expand itself in the state of Illinois. It went and acquired the Rose Packing Company Inc. located in Barrington, Illinois. This comes three years after OSI bought a former Tyson facility located in Chicago. Rose Packing is one of Illinois’ leading meat producer. It has been furnishing pork products to the foodservice as well as the retail sector for five generations. The Rose Packing Company has a large meat production facility in the city of Chicago with over 700 employees. With the completed transaction, OSI Group acquires the Chicago meat production facility as well as the whole of Rose Packing’s assets.

The acquisition of the Rose Packing Company furnishes the OSI Group with much need capacity with which to achieve spectacular growth as well as the elimination of an important competitor. Immediate benefits from the acquisition includes new and additional meat processing and food production capabilities as well as the acquisition of Rose Packing’s strong sales presence in various highly sought channels. The acquisition is a great move for other reasons as well.

The culture of the two companies are very similar in that they place great store on providing their customers with unique and innovative meat product solutions. Moreover, OSI Group and Rose Packing are committed to achieving excellence and firmly believe in the virtue of creating and maintaining strong business relationships. The two company together have been in business for over two centuries and have very deep roots in the city of Chicago. In actually, the OSI Group was established in Chicago back in the early 1900’s, 1909 to be exact. It was established to be a family meat market for the purpose of serving the meat needs of the local residents of the neighborhood. Today, OSI is one of the world’s leading food provider.

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Who else wants to hear about Richard Liu Qiandong?

Did you know that was founded by a man with the name Richard Liu who was so determined to make money and leave a legacy in China? Well, Richard Liu Qiandong is now on the list of the prominent richest men in China. It is because of his background that made the hardworking man Richard Liu work hard to make money, he had no parents, and that was enough to let him know that he had to work smart. He wanted to avoid the support that was given to students by the government, and he also had a guardian who was not well and needed medication.

The creative hero Richard Liu opened a restaurant around where he was schooling, and the business was his source of income in school. It did not last for long, the restaurant did not do well, and within a brief time he could earn no more, but that was not the end of his plans of making money and being the best in China. is now among the leading online companies in China, and this is because of his creativity and intelligence, Richard Liu Qiandong had an aim of serving many customers, and he thought of closing down his physical stores. The closing of stores was the beginning of his rise and the rise of despite the low income at first.

With the unique name that Richard Liu called his company together with high quality products he chooses for his company, has made the company makes a lot of millions hence winning several deals with best unique products that several nations within the world will require each day, therefore making the right number of sales.The JD.coms products are so unique and of high quality, customers who require the products order for them online and within a short period you get the product and for those who are in China and countries near China get the products within few hours.The packaging of the products also is so good that customers get the products in good condition just as they had ordered.

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Steve Lesnard, Principles of Online Marketing

Online marketing has become popular over recent years because it is affordable and reaches a larger target audience. Online marketing uses digital mediums such as social media platforms to create effective campaigns that relay information about a product or service to the consumers. Steve Lesnard provides brands with ways one can use online marketing to their advantage and increase their sales. Many brands use online marketing tools to introduce a product into the market, but they are not always successful. This is because they do not focus on the consumers which Steve Lesnard believes should be the main focus. Steve Lesnard wants businesses to come up with online marketing campaigns that are built for customers and not the products.

There are two principles that businesses can use to leverage online marketing properly. These are:

1. Bring the product to life

 When first introducing a product to the market, it is essential to make it real. This is in relation to the whole customer experience and how they will receive it once it hits the market. Some of the aspects to consider when bringing the product to life are how to use it, its benefits and what it does. Videos are effective in relaying these three aspects in a clear and concise manner. A video will show relevant information to the consumers and entice them to buy the product because they can relate to it.

2. Simplify

When introducing a product to the market, you want it to be memorable to the target audience. The best way to make the product memorable is to simplify the overall advertising. This involves everything from the slogan to the message relayed. You want a simple advert that outlines the benefits of buying the product, but still shows consumers how important the product is to their lives. Communication is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, and if communication is not effective, the consumers will not relate to your product. Therefore, you have to ensure the slogan and message communicates the benefits of the product and is understandable.

With these two principles, Steve Lesnard assures the online marketing strategy will be effective.

The RealReal Might Become an Elusive Unicorn

Online consignment retailers offer customers a way to buy and sell luxury items that are vetted for authenticity and quality. The RealReal has been offering its unique finds and services since 2011 and has it headquarters in San Francisco and several brick and mortar offices that offer the same finds in store and online. This going, going gone format creates a unique shopping experience for its customers.

CEO Julie Wainwright has already confirmed her intentions for The RealReal to go public back in 2017 however, a recent filing was discovered that stated that the company has plans to sale up to $70 million new shares. If successful, this initial public offering will make female founded, The RealReal, gain the envious e-commerce unicorn status that few start up companies achieve, being valued at over $1 billion. But the fundraising still has to be completed and the shares still need to sell, this will prove to be what sets apart this luxury online consignment store from the vast sea of similar online retailers.

The RealReal had been valued at $745 million in July 2018, and an IPO like this would be make the company follow suit to one of its largest competitors, Poshmark, which has an IPO that is scheduled for this fall. Wainwright may be laying in wait to observe how successful its competitor is before fully releasing her plans at fundraising. Wainwright has certainly seen the ups and downs of the e-commerce world, as she is the former CEO of which lost quite a bit in the dot com bubble bust.

She has expanded the companies operation base by opening several more physical stores and distribution centers to keep up with the growing business and it is this forward thinking that will likely cast her among other female founded unicorns like Rent the Runway and Glossier.

Bennett Graebner; Inspiration for the next generation of producers

Bennett Graebner was born in Buffalo, New York on July 30, 1971. He attended Vasser College and earned a degree in English. After Vasser, he attended USC for Film Production. After receiving his MFA he began working as a grip, cinematographer and production assistant. Eventually, he worked his way up to producing his own productions. He has been married to his wife Vanessa since 2003, they live in Los Angeles with their two children (Vassar).

The most famous of the productions he produces would be the Bachelor and its many spinoffs; The Bachelorette (2003), Bachelor Pad (2010) and Love at First Kiss (2016). The Bachelor has had incarnations in 37 countries since it burst on the scene in 2002. Graebner starting working on the Bachelor franchise in 2008, said. “I’ve worked on the show for 10 years, I didn’t quite realize the global reach of The Bachelor world.”

That is a testament to the reach of his work. To be at the head of it all and still not realize the size and scope of the reach and impact a project has. Through it all, he has not only maintained the viewership but expanded the Bachelor franchise into an international brand that lives beyond the television. It is a rare reality show and producer that can arise from simple show to be seen as a cultural phenomenon and beyond to outright global phenomenon. Under the watch of Bennett Graeber, The Bachelor franchise has done just that.

One can only imagine the number of students that are entering the film and television profession inspired by the work and success of Bennett Graebner. One has to wonder if the next great producer was inspired by his story and work. As an audience and fans, we can only hope the next generation of producers bring the same type of work to our televisions.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick – Philanthropy Overview

Kisling Nestico & Redick is one of the most poised law firms helping its clients to seek justice. In its basic operations this firm deals with clients seeking help after injuries which range from brain injuries, spinal injuries, loss of limbs, and all other forms of serious injuries. Its partners are also specialized in wrongful deaths, medical malpractice, and car accidents.

Kisling Nestico & Redick attorneys have a lot of experience extending for more than 500 years. All this can be credited to their interaction with various clients from different jurisdictions. This firm is highly accepted among the Ohio residents following its outstanding services to its clients. This firm works under one of their functional slogan which urges the clients to reach out KNR in case of an emergency and in all aspects this slogan has been operational.

The main aim of this firm is put to end the unscrupulous malpractice that is practiced by various firms. This follows the realization that most of the established companies tend to take advantage of the clients who are unable to seek justice without the help of second parties. As such, Kisling Nestico & Redick found this to be an opportunity to help such clients.

Besides helping clients to seek justice, this firm is also recognized as a major source of change whereby they have come up with a strategy to make roads in Ohio safer for pedestrians. This is one of the vital strategies that have ensured injuries instance have greatly reduced in Ohio.

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How OSI Group Acquired the Rose Packaging Company

Through the acquisition of the famous Rose Packaging Company, OSI Group proved to the world that it could enhance significance growth and new capabilities in the world. Since the company is renowned for producing pork products, OSI group was lucky to have it into its control. As a well-established company in the United States of America, it met the needs of the retailers and food service companies efficiently.

Family business

Since Rose packaging company is a fifth-generation type of business, it conducts most of its operations in the meat industry. With headquarters in Barrington, Illinois, the company has employed more than 700 employees who perform most of its services in the country. For example, there is a production facility in Chicago that shows most of its operations.

New members

As a senior executive of OSI group in Northern America, Kevin Scott said that the company was delighted in having Rose packaging company as part of it. Since the two companies had been longtime friends, the vice president said that the acquisition of the other company would complement its business in the different parts of the country. Moreover, the management hoped that it would support the growth strategy of the company to provide additional new capabilities. Furthermore, OSI hoped to add its capacity while at the same time enhancing strong sales among its attractive channels. For instance, both companies have a great attraction to their customers thus providing innovative and unique ideas to them. In a statement provided by the chief executive officer of the company, Rose Packaging Company was determined to work with OSI group so that they could enhance post-transaction integration.


Dwight Stiehl added that the company was delighted in being incorporated in the more significant part of OSI group. Moreover, he said that their commitment to excellence would enhance vital, strong business relationships among them. Since they had been in expertise for more than two centuries, the management of the two companies hoped to enact deep roots in Chicago. As part of transacting its business, OSI would acquire a more significant portion of the Rose Packaging assets.

The Uprising of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides through the Eyes of InnovaCare Health

At the helm of the leadership of InnovaCare Health is President and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto. As part of an integrated healthcare firm, Rick Shinto has been dedicated to improving lives with value-based care. With over 25 years of experience in the field of clinical and operational healthcare, Rick Shinto has a solid track record with an impressive career of physician-care models which improve quality, financial performance and patient satisfaction.

Rick Shinto served for four years as President and CEO of the Aveta Inc. Previously; he also served as the CEO of the NAMM California. He also held various stints as COO and CMO for the Medical Pathways Management firm. In the year 1995-1997, Rich Shinto served as the Corporate Vice President of the Medical Management for the MedPartners. He later progressed to become the CMO for the Cal Optima Health Plan.

Among accolades held by Rick Shinto includes the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare recognition in 2018. Dr Shinto was also elected in 2018 to serve as a board of director for the industry’s largest trade association; America’s Health Insurance Plan

Working under InnovaCare Health is also Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. She joined the healthcare firm back in 2015 after stints as the Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Health and Chief Operating Officer at Aveta Inc. Penelope Kokkinides also served as the Vice President of Clinical Operations at Aveta Inc.

With more than two decades of experience in the healthcare system, Penelope has specialized in government programs, and other managed care industry. She is versatile with in-depth knowledge in the development of clinical programs and management of the health care process. She also focuses on the improvement of the performance and the organization structure.

InnovaCare Health is a privately owned and integrated provider of healthcare services with its headquarters in Fort Lee. The firm boasts of over 467,000 members. It operates several leading health plans in Puerto Rico through its subsidiary, MMM Healthcare. The firm employs a provider-concentric model attained through the NCQA accreditation. The firm is focused on offering the members with quality healthcare through the creation of sustainable models.

World-Class Food Solutions & OSI Industries

To simply get straight to the topic at hand, OSI Industries is a worldwide leader in food production. The company is based in Aurora, Illinois, but it was initially located in Oak Park, Illinois. As the old saying goes, “with time comes growth.” This notion rings true on so many levels as OSI has expanded into unchartered territories. The reason being for such extreme growth has come from business acquisitions. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin has led this dynamic food processor straight to the top of its class. McDonald represents the president position while Lavin represents as CEO.

David McDonald brings in three decades worth of experience, and he has played an enormous role in the acquisition of BAHO Foods. Food production logistics is his forte, and he has used every bit of this knowledge to expand the business. Sheldon Lavin brings in financial guidance. This man is a top-tier financial consultant as he has owned his very own financial consulting firm in Chicago. Lavin brings in an addition 30 years of experience. OSI Industries is loaded with highly ambitious people from the executive level down to the warehouse floor.

The company is constantly on the look out for ambitious-minded individuals to join the team because there are so many open positions that need to be filled. The company also hosts a number of R&D specialists. These specialists can even produce high-quality, custom foods. Yes, OSI Industries is now a custom-food producer. The company specializes in a number of cooking arrangements such as breading, marination, char-marking, stewing, deep-oil frying, steaming and many more. What more could any client ever want from a food processor? OSI Industries is setting some of the industry’s best standards, and that’s a fact.