Matthew Fleeger’s Entrepreneurial Influence In The Success Of His Companies

Matthew Fleeger is a successful businessman who has played a notable role in the gas and oil industry. Throughout his years of experience, he has received executive roles which he has succeeded in executing. This prepared him for his future entrepreneurial endeavours. He was the creator of MedSolutions. This company was specialised in transporting and disposing waste products from the hospitals. For 13 years, he ran his company smoothly. He has been able to run a successful tanning venture also. His involvement in the companies has resulted in the creation of one of the most successful tanning franchise in the world.

Gulf Coast Western is a company which specialises in managing oil and gas ventures. Their main objective is to discover and acquire gas and oil reserves. The company was established in 1970 by Matthew Fleeger’s father. The company is based in Dallas. Growth opportunities have enabled them to open branches in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Colorado and Louisiana. In 2007, he took over the role from his father as the new CEO of the company.

One element that Matthew Fleeger acknowledges his success has been the relationships he has grown and maintained with his partners. The company has been involved in many collaborations with other companies. Therefore, he recognised the importance of having a conducive environment which necessitated more productivity. The two foundations of creating relationships with the partners have been through mutual respect and trust. These two qualities have enabled him to be transparent and honest in his dealing with the partners.

Matthew Fleeger has been ranked among successful people of Business Professionals. His position in CEO has enabled the company to grow in areas of team building, strategic planning and entrepreneurial capabilities. He has been able to incorporate the new technology to bring efficiency in the company operations.

Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is an angel investor who loves to help entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. Mr. Riva is a British national who earned his MBA from the Said Business School at the prestigious University of Oxford. In 2006, Riva jumped into the world of entrepreneurship by forming a small tech form with former school colleagues. Startup companies with innovative ideas are readily embraced by the expert investor who spends his time in New York City and London. After spending a decade helping early-stage companies blossom and thrive, Mr. Riva has become a tremendous resource with an acumen for financial and intellectual advice.

In order to stay on the top of his investing game, Mr. Riva makes it a point to wake up early around 5 in the morning. Additionally, he maintains a balanced life by taking time out for himself to run or meditate, and he also spends quality family time with his daughters. Investing money and time into startup companies does not come without risk or stress, so knowing when to let go and roll with the punches is valuable to his success. Ultimately, it is important to remember that investing in people who can do the work is a part of good business. Aside from doing a valuation of a company, people are the first and foremost strength or weakness for a company’s destiny.

Raffaele Riva is motivated by the thrill of helping people realize their dreams. Seeking out people who can serve as founders, mentors, and give solid advice that aligns with your values is beneficial. Investing in startup companies should involve learning, having fun, and making money. Although there may be some losses, choosing wise companies to invest in typically yield a strong portfolio that reaps in high profits. Mr. Riva also loves digital currency.

OSI food solutions: The Pioneers of the Food Industry

OSI food solutions are one of the fastest-growing leading food companies in the world. They are making strides in different continents like Europe South America and Asia, and improving themselves one of the largest food producers around the world. It all started when Otto emigrated from Germany into the United States. He settled down in Chicago, unlike other immigrants who made it out. He decided to open the shop and retail meat produce. At that time, other immigrants were creating farms for themselves and their families. He instead decided to create one that will stand the test of time. It will prove to be very profitable to future generations. After first world war, the company grew in stature.

He expanded OSI food solutions and generated higher revenue. He also solidified their status as one of Chicago’s best producing companies.As a result, hey became a trustworthy company in that location. After the Second World War, there was an economic boom that aided the development of companies around the United States. Ottos’ sons were able to make informal agreements with the future owner of McDonald’s group. At this point inside the future owner was just a franchise developer, working his way around the United States. He was working in California at the time and decided to bring a source of meats for restaurants. The agreement with the sons was to supply ground beef to use franchises around the United States.

Once the franchise owner bought McDonald’s OSI food solutions were automatically inclined to distribute to the franchise around United States. They were growing at an exponential rate and this only benefited OSI food solutions. Today, the world largest meat distributors around the United States. To keep up with the demand of McDonald’s franchises they open the plants dedicated to meat preservation, production and distribution.In the seventies, the introduction of food preservation techniques made it even easier and better to function as a company, their profitability increased, and they found ways to grow from that.

A Naturally Smooth Choice: My EOS Lip Balm Review

I have used the popular lip balm by EOS for years, ever since that little ball of fruity, lip softening goodness came out. My girlfriends and I had various flavors tucked into our purses at all times. Little did I know back then that EOS Lip Balm is also a safe, 100% natural option compared to other lip products found on store shelves. Who wants to see harsh chemicals in their daily health and beauty products? 

EOS has withstood the test of time and remains a trusted brand after trying my fair share of other products through the years. Their lip balm now comes in so many tastefully irresistible flavors and they are made with healthy ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, aloe vera and other guilt-free components. These all natural ingredients work together to promote smooth, hydrated, healthy lips without the use of parabens or other nasty additives. When applied, you can taste and smell the scrumptious flavors, making for the most kissable lips. 

EOS Lip Balm is not only good for your lips, but it’s such a deliciously safe alternative that you’ll be tempted to lick it right off! Whether you seek a natural lip balm that glides over chapped lips to provide instant relief, or just want something to add a little shine to your look, EOS is one of the best lip balm choices on the market. Bonus: It won’t break the bank and is easily found in most retailers!

Sheldon Lavin Accomplishes A Lifetime of Achievements As OSI Group’s CEO

The Chief Executive Office of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin receives his fifth award from the Vision World Academy in India. He received the Global Visionary Award for his outstanding accomplishments of turning OSI Group into a multi-billion dollar company with 70 plus facilities in 17 global countries. In India, there are eight facilities ran by OSI affiliate, OSI-Vista Process Foods in a variety of locations. Each plant custom processes meat products, fruits, and vegetables for businesses in the region. Vision World selected Lavin as a visionary because he demonstrated excellence in his leadership skills with a lifetime of achievements. Sheldon Lavin received the honorable award publicly by Visionary World Academy, a socially nonprofit organization.

Visionary World works with programs and projects designed to build and enhance the quality of life for the people living in India. Lavin received recognition in 2012, one year after its formation. Since then, he received four more awards including the 2016 Global Visionary Award. Lavin has made his extraordinary contributions to India where OSI-Vista Processing Plants are conducting business. In 2015, Sheldon Lavin received the Lifetime Achievement Award for demonstrating superior leadership and civic involvement in Chicago, IL. RSM US LLP held a special ceremony to present the award to honor him for support of charities and his philanthropic works in communities. By the end of fiscal year 2017, OSI Group had 20,000 employees and over $6 billion in revenue.

The meat processing company came in number 63 on the Forbes Lists of America’s Largest Private Companies. Its roots began in 1909 as a small meat market and butcher shop with steady growth throughout many decades which helped the local economy. Sheldon Lavin attended Roosevelt University earning a bachelor’s degree. He continues his studies at the University of Illinois and Northwestern University in accounting and finance. Before joining OSI Group, Lavin owned his consulting firm in Chicago and developed a business relationship with OSI, known at the time as Otto & Sons. He worked for the Kolschowsky brothers after the passing of the founder and their father, Otto Kolschowsky. He bought controlling shares of the company giving him sole ownership. Click here.

Business Insider Tours OSI Group McDonalds Gunzburg Factory

Business Insider Tours OSI Group McDonalds Gunzburg Factory

The question of food safety is something that everyone seems to be asking these days. With so many new health food trends and cravings going on, most people just want simple food that has no added sugars, high concentrations of salt, and no preservatives. Since the beginning, OSI Group McDonalds claimed that none of their food had preservatives. McDonald’s even created commercials demonstrating the purity of their ground beef patties. However, OSI Group McDonalds is now facing criticism from millions of concerned consumers who claim that there’s evidence that they do use preservatives.

The “evidence” in question was found by a man named David Whipple. Mr. Whipple, a common man, purchased a McDonald burger back in 1999 and claims he stored it in his kitchen cupboard for 14 years. At the end of his experiment, the burger looked almost the same as it did back when he first bought it. Once he posted the pictures online with a summary of his “experiment”, the internet went crazy and OSI Group McDonalds found themselves in hot water. Luckily, experts like Keith Warriner said that lack of rot doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with preservatives. Based on real science, rot and spoilage are the byproducts of microbes growing on food. Microbes, like all living organisms, can only thrive under certain conditions.

need water, nutrients, warmth, and plenty of uninterrupted time to grow. If Whipple didn’t have all these elements present during his experiment, then its no wonder the burger still looked the same. As if Warriner’s scientific argument wasn’t enough to reassure people, OSI Group McDonalds agreed to let Business Insider tour one of their largest food facilities. The factory in Gunzburg, Germany doesn’t belong to McDonald’s; it’s an OSI-owned and operated facility that mostly dedicated to McDonald’s product lines. Over the course of the tour, Business Inside saw no added preservatives of any kind and repeatedly noted the cleanliness and above average safety standards found throughout the entire facility. Click here.

OSI Group And Rose Packing A Natural Match

One of the Chicago area’s oldest and most venerable meat processing firms has purchased another Illinois legendary operator, the Rose Packing Company of Barrington. OSI Group announced the acquisition of Rose Packing in April of 2019. OSI is based in Aurora and is among the largest meat processing operations in the world. The company maintains some 70 facilities in 17 nations globally. It employs 20,000 people and was recently listed at No. 58 on the Forbes tally of largest American companies. Rose Packing has deep roots in Illinois. The company was established in 1924. It operates a plant in Chicago that employs 700 people. It produces Canadian bacon, ethnic & breakfast sausages, hams, beer brats, meatballs, loins, chops, burgers, ribs, deboned turkey products, pork shoulder, pizzas and salad toppings.

OSI Group and Rose Packing are a match made in heaven, so to speak. Both companies have established decades-long reputations for superior best quality meat products processed with extremely high standards for wholesomeness, safety and quality. Dwight Stiehl is the chief executive officer of Rose Packing. He said he is delighted about the new deal with OSI. He agrees that the OSI acquisition “makes sense” and is a natural progression for both companies as they look to the future. Dwight Stiehl said the well-established customer base and sales channels of OSI and Rose Packing create a synergy that is natural and complementary. OSI Group is among the fastest growing firms in the meat processing sector.

Beginning in the 1970s, the company has been heavily focused on expansion, and not just domestically. OSI established a major presence in China some 20 years ago. It also has extensive operations dotted throughout Europe. It operates facilities in Australia, as well as India and several South American locations. While growth has been a central aspect of the OSI Group philosophy, the company has earned a reputation for its enormous efforts to institute the quality of sustainability and environmentally sound business operation. OSI has earned global recognition for eco-friendly practices. OSI Group President David McDonald said the company is working toward becoming a “zero carbon footprint” company in the near future.

Richard Liu Qiandong Investments at Jingdong

Richard Liu Qiangdonglived in Jiangsu province with his family. At times Richard Liu`s family had to conduct Transportation of coal to afford meals. They were coal transporters, and Richard Liu helped his father do the business. About Richard Liu was passionate to be a politician hence attended the peoples China University, where he later changed his course to pursue Economics. He has an EMBA.

Richard Liu Career Line

While at the University Richard Liu Qiangdong spent some time on computer conducting his programming works. He later started a restaurant that did not thrive as he was very busy with the studies. After Graduation Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to work a two-year contract with a prominent Japan Company, he was the director managing various operations of the health company. After the end of the Contract, Richard Liu Qiangdong came back to China and purchased a small piece of land to conduct his online business selling magneto-optical.

Richard Liu began selling computer parts. There was stiff competition in the market, but Richard Liu formulated a strategy to sell only authentic products. After six Years, the business has expanded launching other stores across China. He used acquired profit to introduce new products. In 2003, Richard Liu was affected by the SARS outbreak that led to massive losses, and the offline business was going down. Richard Liu, as the CEO of Jingdong company he sent his employees home to avoid them from being affected. Later he founded online marketing business.

Services provided at J.D.Com

Over the years, has become famous for many people since they sell a wide range of products, including electronics, consumer goods, and luxury products., in partnership with We Chat and Wall Mart Company, has been able to gain millions of customers. All products at Jingdong are of high quality and affordable. Jingdong offer delivery to customers. They have purchased robots and drones to monitor their delivery process. has been recognized to be the largest retail business in China, and Richard Liu has taken the initiative to expand it expand to other parts of the globe. Richard Liu has earned millions through Jingdong.

OSI President David McDonald’s China Strategy A Model For American Business Success There

For more than 20 years, the U.S. food processing giant OSI Group has nurtured its operations in China. Industry observers call it a textbook example of how an American company can build relationships in the Far East in a way that creates lasting partnerships. The extraordinary efforts of OSI Group President David McDonald have been a key factor in this America-China success story. He realized early on that making inroads into the enormous Chinese market was not something that could be done sitting at his desk at OSI headquarters in suburban Chicago.

David McDonald has traveled on location to China numerous times where he has spent countless hours meeting with local officials on levels, from the business realm to government regulators. He said in a recent interview that perhaps no two skills are more important than, “listening and patience.” He said one can’t go into China with the idea that you are going to set all the rules, make all the decisions and established a top-down operation. Rather, he said, it’s key to find out what local problems and needs are. Once you gain an understanding of what Chinese operators want and how they want to do it, you can offer solutions. OSI is set up in China as a HUSI. That’s a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise, or WFOE. It established its first operation in Beijing in 1992.

It opened its second facility in 1996 in Shanghai. By 2002, OSI had entered into the fresh produce sector in China. Then in 2010 the company delved into the vertically integrated poultry business partnering with Weihai Poultry in Shandong Province. It has since opened several more operation as the relationship between OSI and China continues to deepen and thrive. David McDonald said taking the long view on China means marshalling loads of patience and nurturing a details-oriented process to make it all happen. OSI Group currently operates nearly 70 facilities in 17 nations around the world. It employs more than 20,000 people. World headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois, very near where the company was first established more than a century ago.

Keeping Up With The Times: Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the International Brand President for L’Oreal. He graduated from Sorbonne, earning his certification of international business. His education would continue as he attained his MBA in 2002; from ESSEC Business college in France. The proceeding year he joined L’Oreal Paris. His main objectives in this early stage of his career were to manage consumer products sold throughout France. After working his way through several global positions in the company, he would become Assistant Vice President of Garnier global in 2005.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is currently based in New York City and operates in the east coast region. The president oversees the Matrix and Biolage sectors of the L’Oreal products company. Prior to this, he was a general manager for the same company. Over the last few years, Dan has helped L’Oreal further their reach with new creative strategies. His strategic use of technology has been utilized by the company to increase its consumer population. The newest range of products from the company is called R.A.W. Dan worked for months to create this line of products that is all-natural and has global appeal.

This has helped the L’Oreal company reach a population of consumers that may have opted out previously. By having a natural product, both consumers and the environment can benefit. The ingredients from R.A.W. Products come from plants of all types; and also minerals. Dan expresses that early in the development phase he realized the cost of production would be more than other products the company created. For this reason, it was vital to make a sustainable product that would attract people. One challenge he mentions was sourcing certain ingredients. However, persistence and research yielded them the results they desired. Since being released, the new line of products has received much praise all over the world.