Innovation and Sustainability Efforts by Market Leader OSI Industries

OSI Industries has established itself as a major player in the food processing industry in the world. It has a workforce of over 20,000 employees spread out in 17 countries among its 65 facilities. The beginnings of this empire were not noticeable. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who had settled in Chicago, Illinois, opened a retail butcher shop in 1909 that expanded in a wholesale business by the end of the First World War. This family business was later renamed to Otto & Sons in 1928 and continued to grow and survived World War Two. Around the same time, a franchise agent for the McDonald family, Ray Kroc, opened a McDonald’s restaurant in Des Planes, Illinois and was supplied fresh ground beef by Otto & Sons. Kroc bought out the McDonalds restaurant and retained Otto & Sons as its supplier.

McDonald’s consolidated its suppliers to four core ones, one of them being Otto & Sons. This meant Otto & Sons were guaranteed more business, leading to the birth of OSI Industries to manage the huge demand to satisfy the McDonalds franchise. A series of international joint ventures and great capitalization saw a great growth and entry into Forbes list, ranked 58th with sales of $6.1 billion in 2016, and consolidation of its name as the worldwide leader in the food-processing industry. Otto & Sons used to run operations with Sheldon Lavin acting as its investment manager. He became the CEO of OSI Industries in the 1970s and has led the sustainability efforts for the multinational where he is credited with initiating projects aimed at sustainable food production.

The company has been known for embracing challenges and implementing new technologies aimed at better processing while minimizing costs. This has led to opening innovation centers and R&D Centers within OSI Industries to come up with better strategies mostly in the technology sector in its sustainability drive. Such efforts have seen Sheldon and the multinational receive several awards like the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour, California Green Business Award, the North American Meat Institue’s Environmental Award among others.Green initiatives and sustainable food production efforts endear OSI Industries to their customers and ensure the company will be in operation for the foreseeable future.

Paul Mampilly Reveals the Potential of the Internet of Things

Digitl Moe recently published Harvey Hale’s article “Paul Mampilly encourages Investors to Focus on the Internet of Things. The article reveals Mampilly’s dedication to helping others thing about the future through investing.

Paul Mampilly’s children have understood finances from a very young age. He taught them about stocks, investing and finance over the course of their young lives. He was able to do this because he retired at only 42 after managing a successful career on Wall Street as a Hedge Fund Manager. His children are getting expert advice on how investments work for free. Now, their level of understanding about the economy is more refined than many people twice their age.

Paul Mampilly tests out his ideas for his readers by practicing on his children first. His latest venture is the technology of things. His children often ask about the technology to invest in and Mampilly wanted to reveal that investing in the future can often carry more risk. This is because technologies might be popular quickly, but they are often not successful in the long run.

However, one thing Paul Mampilly revealed was the internet of things. The technology includes devices that are present throughout people’s homes and lives and connect them to the internet. This includes cameras, sensors, and cell phones that collect data. The technology is capable of connecting the owner to other people but also other technologies.

One such technology is the plane engines of Pratt & Whitney PW1000G. These planes have nearly 5,000 different sensors that create a huge amount of data each minute to provide information about efficiency and safety. It will help the engine remain operable for longer at a lower cost.

Mampilly was also recently featured on Hannah Lewis Cottrell’s article “Paul Mampilly Recently Featured on Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Cottrell revealed that Mampilly has traded his job as a large hedge fund manager to help the average American learn how to invest with intelligence. He created Profits Unlimited, a newsletter published through Banyan Hill Publishing. More than 90,000 people read the newsletter and follow his advice to reach their dreams of financial independence.

Patients Provide Reliable Reviews of Dr. Jennifer Walden and Her Practice

Over a hundred thousand patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden have experienced positive post-op results since its inception. Based in Austin, Texas, the Jennifer Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center has provided ideal solutions for individuals seeking realistic results. Many patients have flown across the country to seek her educational consultations in addition to her impressive surgical skills. Dr. Walden is a famous board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lifts, facelifts, abdominoplasty, laser removal, rhinoplasties, labiaplasties, lip enhancements, Botox, body contouring and many other aesthetically pleasing cosmetic procedures.

One of her patients had undergone breast augmentation and shared how her practice was amazingly accommodating, friendly and beautiful. They felt so comfortable with their entire visit that they completely looked forward towards their upcoming surgery. The patient reviewed that their overall experience with Dr. Jennifer Walden was positive enough to return for more surgical needs. A first-time Botox patient wanted to reduce and prevent any more aging line around her forehead, neck and mouth areas. She explained that Dr. Walden was very knowledgeable about the procedure in general and gave her an insightful explanation of what to expect before and afterward. “My outcome looked very natural and even better than what I expected.”

Overall, many have expressed pleasure at how friendly and professional her staff was during each visit. Dr. Jennifer L. Walden has received numerous honors and acknowledgment almost throughout her entire career from many top publications in the industry. In 2014, American Way honored her as one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in America.” Dr. Walden’s practice became well-known for helping popularize Vectra, a cutting-edge 3D system that helps patients visualize their completed look before their surgery. She actively serves as a consultant for Sciton Inc., Ideal Implant, ThermiAesthics and Venus Concept among others.

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David McDonald and the OSI Group

David McDonald is the current President of OSI Group, a global food company that deals with f food products supply like sausages, pizza, and sandwiches. Apart from being the president, David has other different roles like being the Project Manager of OSI Industries and a member of OSI Group board of Directors. He is the Chairman of North America Meat Institute.

David McDonald graduated from Lowa State University with a degree in animal science. He managed to join OSI Group and became president. He always gives the customer priority as he understands their importance for the company.

Under his management, OSI has made more significant moves. For instance the acquisition of Baho Food which is a Dutch company dealing with deli meats and other food products. David McDonald later stated that the acquisition of Baho Food had extended the recognition of OSI Group through Europe because it has been in the industry for more than 60 years. OSI was in a better position to serve its customers even with the change in their demands due to a broader range of products.

Leaders have a duty of ensuring that their firm runs continuously well. David McDonald is one who successfully made this happen. He established a global network with firms around the world, with a purpose of understanding the culture and taste of their consumers. This in return would aid in giving out ideas on services to provide for their customers. Through this, OSI Group not only satisfied their customer needs but also strengthened their business bond. Even with the experience OSI has in customers taste and government regulations; it has mostly managed to provide quality products.

David has managed to push OSI into penetrating different markets globally which include Hungary and Geneva. He has also launched a new plant in India for the processing of frozen food. In Poland, OSI has launched a beef processing facility.

The presence of markets globally with customers all round is what a company needs at large. David has this at hand which helps to place OSI in a better sustainable state.

All credit from OSI can be directed to no other man but the president of OSI, David McDonald.

The History Of Vinod Gupta’s Everest Group

Vinod Gupta is described as a perfect embodiment regrading self-made success. Vinod is an Indian-Born American Businessman and Investor, born in 1946. He is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who has the skill to turn $100 loan from a bank to form a company. The company that he sold it for $680 million and therefore, a great achievement. The success of Vinod Gupta started when he recognized a market gap in the information niche.


Vinod has played a major role in his Infogroup company and through his company, he has acquired several other companies where he has created a juggernaut in the information technology field. The current investment company he owns is called Everest Group which is providing venture capital on database technology startups. Besides, Everest Group helps by acquiring the businesses that are struggling as it focuses on utilizing information technology for its success.


Vinod Gupta is the proud man because he is providing employment opportunities to the underserved populations. Even former US president Clinton touted him for his hiring practices. Vinod Gupta has devotes his extensive resources via charitable organizations like Indian schools. See This Page to learn more.


When he graduated from Nebraska University, Vinod got a job to work at Commodore Corporation. The company used to manufacture mobile phones. In the company, Vinod was the marketing Research Analyst where he was compiling the list of the mobile home dealers located in the United States. It was later that Vinod came to realize that there was no such list that was existing. It is from then when he started creating his own database targeting businesses that could use the list for their benefits. It was after that when he was receiving a large order for the compiled list and it is how American Business Information was established.


infoGROUP started in acquiring other companies after many years. Vinod was able to utilize the methods he developed through the experience he got. After Vinod Gupta operated for years, Everest Group was started after years of experience in operation. It is delivering database technology in a globalized and broad scale.


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Johanan Rand, An Expert in Healthy living

Johanan Rand is an accomplished doctor motivated by the desire to assist patients suffering from age-related issues. Having received extensive medical training from the Albert Einstein Medical Centre, he currently runs a practice that encompasses various wellness programs. The set of programs include nutrition therapy and alternative solutions for the wide selection of patients that require anti-aging and weight loss support. He uses a unique treatment approach in providing regenerative medicine options for patients in need of integrative care.

Johanan Rand’s passion for exemplary results is the primary source of inspiration that drives his development of customized programs tailored to address the specific patients’ needs. His treatment alternatives assist in disease prevention, health restoration, enhanced vitality and guaranteed access to healthy aging. The doctor also has the willingness of helping his patients to confront various issues hindering joyful living by providing the chance of getting relief from the broad spectrum of age-related conditions.

Alongside his team of well trained and professional staff, Dr. Rand guides patients towards the restoration and the optimization of their hormones. This process that focuses on customized hormone replacement programs restores the youthful energy and wellness of the patients. The overall effect of the program is gaining a healthy hormonal balance, and the much-needed vitamins, exercises, and nutrition

Rand uses an approach that aims at understanding the process of treating and healing the entire body. He has used this approach over the last decade to treat various acute and critical patients by recommending steroid injections, and other anti-inflammatory drugs. As a certified medical acupuncture, the doctor takes pride in enabling his patients to achieve their health objectives.

Johanan Rand is also kind, sensitive and takes time to understand the health concerns of his patients. Often described as the “doctor’s-doctor,” Rand is the preferred choice in health optimization. The 50-year-old doctor is an expert in health and fitness. The physician leads a healthy lifestyle characterized by the intake of supplements, cardio training, and martial arts. Rand also travels locally and globally to attend seminars and lecturer in his realm.


Keep Your Child Safe On Social Media With TeenSafe

Why We Should Protect Our Children Online


The popular TeenSafe app has made headlines news again, for keeping our teens safe. They have made a successful connection with their international partners in an effort,  world. Unfortunately, many websites have an age requirement of thirteen and most of those websites are inclusive of adults. The TeenSafe app provides a popular background app that doesn’t make parents feel guilty for taking responsibility of their child’s social media interaction. Thousands of parents with concerns like you are using the easy to download and use TeenSafe app.


Why Parents Prefer The TeenSafe App


The TeenSafe is committed to protecting our teens online with features that aim to prevent cyber-bullying, harassment, teen drug use, and more. The age requirement by most websites does not stop a few teens from creating fake accounts and they could unknowingly fall into harm on the internet. We understand it’s impossible to watch your child 24 hours a day and we provide a second set of eyes to protect your child. There is very few opportunities to protect your child on social media and the TeenSafe app is a preferred cellphone monitoring network app.


What Parents Are Saying About The TeenSafe App


Many parents with concerns about their teens social media interactions have turned to TeenSafe. One parent said, after being locked out of her daughter’s Instagram account, she began to worry. The TeenSafe app allowed her to find out her teen was hanging with a very unpopular group of girls. In fact the popular TeenSafe online blog suggests, never compromising a talk with your child about internet safety with an app. You can also hand your teen a new phone with the TeenSafe app operating discreetly in the background.



Marathon Pharmaceuticals and The Search For Treatments For Rare Diseases

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a small upstart biopharmaceutical company. Founded in 2008, the company has a primary focus on the development, research and manufacturing of rare diseases.


Many of today’s primary pharmaceutical companies involved in research and development, are often involved in the creation, manufacturing and distribution of drugs to a large group of people battling diseases. By contrast, Marathon Pharmaceuticals is well known for the development of drugs that can be classified for diseases that are not mainstream. In fact, their research group has become well known for their devoted work on rare hard-to-treat diseases that often have few treatment options available.


Many of the diseases that Marathon Pharmaceuticals focuses on, have a small patient population with a big need for care. This is important because several of the diseases their research has focused on in the past decade have had few if any treatment options available. This often makes the company a source of great hope for the patients their drugs can treat.


Since the drive behind the company is the research and development of medicine for those afflicted with rare diseases, the pipeline of medicines the company has created is usually well received and long awaited. The primary diseases the company seeks to treat are neurological disorders and primary movement disorders. These diseases include: Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, , Neuromyelitis Optica, Catastrophic Pediatric Epilepsy, Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies and Multiple Sclerosis.


The company is based out of Northbrook, Illinois. Presently, their base has expanded with offices now in New Jersey, Chicago and Washington, D.C. as well as their primary location. Over the last ten years, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has become a leader in in the research, development, manufacturing, marketing and commercialization of a host of specialty pharmaceuticals.


Since their inception, the company’s research and development team has had quite a few successful drugs introduced to the world of biopharmaceuticals. Several of these have made a significant impact to patients suffering from rare neurological disorders. The company has multiple pharmaceutical research compounds that are in different clinical trial and approval stages with the FDA. Several are expected to be approved and released for patient use by 2024.



Perry Mandera: Appreciation And Determination

Many do not appreciate their parents until they become parents themselves. But at an early age, Perry Mandera recognized his parents’ daily sacrifice to provide necessities and a joyful environment. He determined early on to impact his family and community in such a positive way that his parents would no longer have to fret or toil over money and to help improve the lives of his neighbors and friends.


Born and raised in the Chicago, Illinois area of the USA, Perry Mandera joined the military directly after completing high school. He performed well in the military right from the outset appreciating its meritorious environment. When promoted to transportation detail, he determined to learn all that he could for application to future endeavors.


He left the military an honorable and decorated veteran. Afterwards, he worked for other transportation companies as a civilian and progressively added to his accumulation of knowledge and experience in the industry. He notably completed a four year stint in regional governmental politics. He also started several companies of his own, later discontinuing or selling them. However, one of them he kept and it continues to thrive even until this day.


Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986 with over ten years of successful experience under his observant and diligent command where he currently functions as President and CEO of the multimillion dollar annual revenue establishment. He defines his Company as a “1 stop shop” for all transportation and cargo needs and aims to provide “world class service” to every customer at every juncture every time. He and the team of employees at his Company consistently receive stellar reviews and the most telling is their return for continued service.


The Custom Companies, Inc. provides logistics software, less than truckload (LTL), truckload, interim, long term contractual, international and domestic freight services among others. Perry Mandera added a dimension of social responsibility took his business objectives long before it was a fad made popular by Ben & Jerry’s and the like. All of his customers know and can anticipate that their patronage helps many others right in their own community and on a national scale as well. He established Custom Cares Charities through which he’s given tons of tangible goods and services such as over 6500 winter coats to the needy in the area, Thanksgiving and Christmas meal and gift packages for families, institutions and veterans, relief to individuals and families suffering from natural disasters, and so much more. For instance, he also brightens the day of his fellow veterans by participating in and supporting Two Soldiers and a Marine BBQ. Perry Mandera would be that Marine.

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Perry Mandera Sets the Standard for Charitable Giving in Chicago

Lee May Has Made Numerous Contributions To The Worlds Of Real Estate And Charity

The real estate world moves at a fast pace while competitors strive to conduct large business deals. One of the more successful members of this fascinating industry is

Lee May. He has a deft touch within the marketplace and believes in the importance of giving back to the community. He began his career in London and honed his business instincts. He has become prominent in his field due to numerous deals such as the development of more than 1,000 units in Essex and the development of 829 apartments located in East London. These successes have made him one of South East London’s biggest developers. His affiliation with Beamridge Ltd. has enabled him to use his business intuition, broker deals and become a part of the international market.


Lee May has succeeded in complex international efforts due to his passion for hard work and learning. He closed a joint venture through a partnership in Hong Kong with a £380 million value. This let the world of property know Lee May had branched out internationally. He also developed a shopping mall located in Canada. This task was considerable because he had to navigate foreign building codes. He acquired a large piece of land, developed the mall and remained as the head of operations and landlord until the construction was completed. His actions as a entrepreneur, landlord and developer are rare in the field of real estate. His understanding of business is apparent in his commitment. He is equally committed to his community and devotes both resources and time to the less fortunate.


One of Lee May’s focuses is helping the youth develop to reach their full potential. His passion for boxing often finds him advising and talking to the young trainees at the gym. He speaks of the benefits of entering the world of business and walking away from crime. This has placed him in the position of mentor and many have learned how much can be achieved with the right mindset. He donates resources and sponsors charitable races for combatting cancer and road safety. He has sponsored amateur boxing clubs to ensure the trainees are able to compete. His future plans include a sponsored 100k race for the Nemesis Boxing Club to raise £20,000 for a new minibus. This is needed to shuttle the boxers up and back to the tournaments.