The successful career of Malcolm CasSelle

Being of respect and well-known figure in the field of technology and business, Malcolm CasSelle has not only continued to share his thoughts with others about investments, but he has also taken part in the launching of firms that have also created employment for many people. He has served in a variety of firms like WAX, Zyga, Xfire, among others. The duo is very talented, and he is always at the forefront when it comes to launching a new and lucrative business. He works with people to ensure that they rely on the use of technology in their projects besides offering them advice on the various ways they can make it in the industry despite the high competition being experienced.

Malcolm CasSelle is also a leader that always tries to find and research on every new opportunity in the market. He has always been at the forefront when it comes to the use of technology, and he highly adores firms that employ its use. As a result, he was at the forefront in the launching of various firms and thus an investor. Among the major firms that benefited from the expertise of the duo include Facebook, Zynga and other companies that also rely on the blockchain technology. His amazing career has also been made by high incidences of technological advancements, and he has never turned back when it comes to bringing the use of innovation in his endeavors. Many people strive to emulate him, and he has gained pride in his abilities. Besides, he also flaunts a great personality, ranging from being a great listener and a fast learner. He has acquired a lot of ideas from his school as well as friends and other successful executives that show concern towards sharing ideas with him.

Besides, the renowned entrepreneur has also played a major role in helping people maintain stable relationships both at the workplace as well as their homes. He believes that great and reliable relationships keep people healthy and they also help people live healthy lives as they are always happy and emotionally contented. He never goes wrong when it comes to associating with people.

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“Marc Beer Makes a Significant Impact on Women’s Healthcare System “

Marc Beer has more than 25 years of extensive experience in the management of enterprises. He has worked in several organizations and helped them with his unique skills in development matters. Marc Beer is a degree holder with a solid background in Business Administration acquired from his undergraduate studies.

He has served in various top executive positions in the course of his professional career. He helped in the formation of ViaCell biotechnology company that concentrated in the development and preservation of stem cells and their management. During his tenure as the chief executive officer of ViaCell company, it grew in leaps and bounds from a small startup with few employees to become a large company with an excellent reputation.

Formation of Renovia and its Improvement in the Health Sector

Marc Beer serves as the chief executive officer and the chairman of Renovia Inc. Marc is also the co-founder of the company. Renovia Inc. specializes in offering treatment for women with the pelvic disorder. Marc Beer explains that the idea of Renovia health company was born when he spoke with doctor Ramon Iglesias. Doctor Ramon was a certified gynecologist who operated women patients with a pelvic disorder for many years.

Ramon thought of an alternative method that could be utilized to help women with this condition evade the surgery option. Doctor Iglesias and Marc Beer met and came up with the innovations and the healthcare startup-Renovia Inc. was established. Renovia develops innovative products that are well researched to help in the treatment of pelvic diseases in women. Marc Beer prides his organization to having the professionals with excellent skills to solve the people’s problems. He attributes the success he has obtained so far with his ability to recruit talented employees who are ready to execute their duties freely.

Marc Beer’s Aachievement in Renovia and Advice to Entrepreneurs

Under the leadership of Marc, Renovia has been able to get adequate funds to finance their operations in the fight against pelvic disorder in women. Marc has been able to work with several partners in the acquisition of funds and credits his excellent resource allocation techniques in the success of his enterprise. Learn more:

Marc Beer advises entrepreneurs to set their goal and focus on achieving those goals by hiring competent workers who will spearhead their objectives. Marc Beer also points out that technology is an essential element in the success of enterprises in the modern business world. He points out that technology will be critical to the healthcare sector as digitalization takes effect. Marc expects the development of technology to revolutionize and ease treatment in chronic diseases such as cardiac disorders and peripheral vascular illnesses.

The Healthcare Sector Needs Pioneers Like Brian Torchin For Their Staffing Needs

Brian Torchin spent several years on his academic career, building the necessary expertise to start off as a chiropractor with his very own practice in Pennsylvania. As a board-certified practitioner, Brian did quite well with his first company in the medical field. Of all the obstacles, Brian stated that staffing was the most difficult and tiresome task that was continually an issue. It was so much of an issue, in fact, Brian figured other companies in the same industry probably had problems with it as well. This is where Brian took to entrepreneurship and developed a new idea for a business, Staffing.

There are corporations all over the nation today and especially abroad that have difficulty staffing. Finding talent isn’t easy but it is especially hard when applicants aren’t rolling in either. Brian Torchin started Health Care Recruitment Counselors back in 2007 and they have since helped hundreds of companies find the staff they needed in order to operate at full efficiency and even grow. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

HCRC is a well-respected company in the corporate world and Brian Torchin is all but a global leader in the industry for his accomplishments over the years. Talented physicians and attorneys from all over the country have been brought into the light and made huge impacts in their field thanks to HCRC lining them up with opportunities outside of their view. In most cases, opportunity doesn’t come calling right at someone’s doorstep, so many of the professionals that go through HCRC have to make some adjustments when it comes to their work. Whether it is long commute times or moving entirely for the position, HCRC does their utmost to help their clients through the entire process. There are times when HCRC can bring people together with companies locally, but it all comes down to the market and where people are needed.

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Victoria Doramus Assistance to Endangered Animals

Victoria Doramus is a very well-known individual in the state of New York. She has overcome strong addition in her life now that she is still striving to be healthy she finds ways to give back to those that are in need. In her work to help those that are in need, she does not limit herself to human beings. Animals are in, and humans are, so she takes the time to care for animals that are in need of some help. The creative marketer has become a partner at the Best Friends Animal Society. She makes sure that she does meaningful work at in the program to help benefit the animals.

Best Friends Animal Society is an organization that is making a change by trying to end the killing of animals that are in animal shelters. It is estimated that about 17 million animals are killed in the animal’s shelter every year. The animals that are old and sick are the ones that they kill first normally. Old and ill animals are seen as the ones that no one wants, so they kill them to free up space. Best Friends Animal Society work to make sure that animals are not killed and that they have the opportunity to have a safe home.

Best Friends Animal Society has been working to protect animals in shelters since the 1980s. They have been able to save animals by creating programs and partnerships that can help keep the animals that are still left. Victoria Doramus has taken great interest in Best Friends Animal Society. She feels that animals deserve the right to life that humans have. Animals should have the opportunity to be loved and cared for rather than waiting to die in an animal shelter.

Best Friends Animal Society hopes that one day they won’t have to fight so hard to save innocent animals. They hope that no animals will be in danger of death while in the animal shelter. Doramus support has help animals that are sick get the medical attention that they need in order to be and feel better internally.

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Robert Ivy And The AIA

Robert Ivy is the CEO and executive vice president of the American Institute of architecture from 2011. Robert Ivy has been building his career in 1996 when he became the editor in chief of the architectural record.

Ivy later joined the McGraw-Hill construction media where he became the editorial director and vice president. The media company included the Greensource: the magazine of sustainable design, architectural record: China, and sweets among other issues. From 1981 Ivy was the principal at Dale and Dean, Dean and Ivy and a critic for other national publications. He was also a member of the jury that selected Frank Gehry to design the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

Over the years, Robert Ivy has won awards and recognition for his work with several publications. In the architectural record, he won helped the magazine won several awards including the premier magazine journalism award, national magazine award and Jesse H. Neal awards among others. This experience and expertise put Robert Ivy at a better position to give advice on matters of professionalism in the architectural industry.

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On the professional communities, in this case, the AIA, Robert Ivy shines the light on a number of factors that one should consider when debating on whether to join an association or not. Other than the fact that it’s human nature to want to belong, professional associations give one the exposure needed to survive the real world of architecture. One gets the chance to associate and network with the big fish in the industry; having a resourceful network has become a necessary asset in building a career. The AIA also helps one get the skills and exposure to undertake or operate in the architectural industry. Getting the required education is moving half the distance towards your career while getting skills and experience is the last half of the distance.

Finally, the AIA is governed by skills and ethics, like most professional associations, that are required by the employers. The members of the group are required to uphold these values at all times which makes them suitable for employment. These associations are also a building block for professional activism and national regulatory changes by the government.

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Chicken Production Capacity Doubles in OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is an international corporation that operates sixty-five food processing centers. The company processes and distributes good quality food products to large food service firms and the retail market as well. The company was started in 1909 as a family business that supplied meat, and today it is enormous and headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

The chicken products demands have increased, and the company is taking significant steps to improve the production and supply of chicken products. The chicken solutions provided by the company including chicken nuggets and patties have a large market in the fast food chain stores. Due to the increased demand of chicken and chicken solutions by the clients including Starbucks, Burger King, Papa John’s and others, OSI Food Solutions needs to increase the production to meet the clients market demands.

With the need to increase the production capacity in mind, OSI have expanded their market in Europe through the acquisition of Baho Food. Baho Food is a major distributor of deli meats and different convenience foods across Europe. With this 2016 acquisition, OSI Food Solutions can increase its production to meet the market demand in the region and twenty other European countries.

During the same year, OSI Food Solutions acquired Tyson Foods plant that is located in Chicago. The plant manufactured and supplied prepared meals including meatballs, chicken cordon bleu, and chicken pieces. The company is still operating in Chicago with two plants. Another acquisition that was done in 2016 was the Flagship Europe that was serving the UK market. The company produced and supplied food products like frozen chicken, frozen pies to meet the demand of UK’s service industry.

With the expansion, OSI Food Solutions has managed to hit the 45, 0000 tons production mark while producing the best quality pork and chicken products. The new acquisition will increase staff members by twenty, and the company will have a total of 160 employees including the product development manager position that was introduced after the expansion. The new position is for ensuring dedicated leadership for the product development as well as improving the products already in the market.

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Marc Beer Helps Renovia Inc. Raise $42 Million Capital In Series B Funds Drive

In its second round of funding, dubbed Series B, Marc Beer helped Renovia Inc. raise over $42 million. These funds were in form of equity, accounting for $32 million, and venture debt, $10 million. According to Marc, the money will be used to further the company’s goals that include the development of new drugs as well as facilitating their clinical trials and commercialization into the global market.


Key Contributors


The second round of funding was popularized to several healthcare investment companies and their contributions were led by Perceptive advisers and Ascension ventures. Other participants in the funds drive included Longwood Fund and Inova Strategic Investments with Baycross Capital sitting in as the drug manufacturer’s advisor.


Why raise more money


According to Renovia’s Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO, Marc Beer, the company has several drugs in the pipeline that require financing in ushering them to the market. His company specializes in the development of innovative diagnostic tools and devices as well as treatment options for Urinary Incontinence, a pelvic floor disorder that affects close to 250 million women across the world. He also mentioned that by coming together to raise funds towards finding this ailment, the healthcare investors affirm their support of the course adopted by Renovia.


Overwhelming support


Marc Beer credits the overwhelming support that Renovia received from the investors in the second round of funding to his company’s innovative approach to drug development as well as the success already achieved. He points out that the company has emphasized on the modernization and use of technology in virtually every stage of drug development to ensure that they only come up with the most innovative solutions.


Earlier in the year, their first urinary Incontinence drug, Leva, was approved by the food and drug administration for medical use. This encouraged more investors to rally behind the company in support of the development of an advanced version of Leva that the company has in the pipeline. However, advanced Leva isn’t the only drug the company seeks to launch.


The Beer-led company currently has four new and equally-disruptive innovative treatment solutions for different ailments that are in their different stages of development. Renova’s management is, therefore, confident that the series-B funds will go a long way in pushing these drugs through to the clinical tests, FDA approval, and commercialization stages. Learn more:


More about Marc Beer


Marc Beer’s career in the healthcare industry started soon after his graduation from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Business. He started off as a strategic consultant for OvaScience, which specialized in research and development of treatment options for different causes of infertility. In the last three decades, he has honed his leadership skills and experience while serving with several other drug development companies like ViaCell before co-founding Renovia Inc. alongside Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias.


Richard Liu Qiangdong On Growth in China, whose main competitors include Alibaba, Walmart, Costco, and other online retail Giants, is headed by Richard Liu. Richard went to college in Beijing and as a budding entrepreneur had a couple businesses that failed before his online business took off.

At the height of the SARS epidemic in 2004, Richard was worried about contaminating employees and managers and customers. One of his managers suggested that Jingdong Mall move online as a way to maintain sales without having to run the risk of becoming sick from SARS.

Fortunately, Qiangdong’s business model took off the ground running quite successfully and the company has been expanding constantly until the point where they now are able to deliver any one of over a few billion goods to choose from in under 3 hours to people who live in Beijing. and Richard Liu do offer global shipping which currently takes up to 15 days.

In a recent interview, Richard Liu was asked if he sees the company expanding more globally to compete with giants like Walmart, or whether they will focus their growth within China. His response was that, “Most of the worldwide growth which occurs in China will affect the world. Whoever becomes the biggest online retail Giant in China will ultimately become the biggest in the world, because China has so many people.” See This Page to learn more.

Richard Liu Quiangdong says that the company does have plans to expand all over the world, but first will focus on growth in China. In past years, there have been 100% year-over-year growth with the exception of 2017. In 2017 the focus was more on quality of services and production capabilities to increase customer bases. He does not see growth in the United States to be as likely as it will be in China because there is a large degree of protectionism with regard to American Trade laws which will prohibit China from spending, more than likely.


View source: Joint Research Lab Venture

Richard Liu, the founder and CEO of, which is also known as Jingdong Mall has progressively worked to make his bright idea of online and retail selling work. He recently announced that was getting into a partnership with the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Science – ISCAS and the Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIT. In fact, this joint blockchain research lab has already been launched in Beijing.


Ideally, “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” is aimed at stabilizing the market, eliminate challenges and bring about optimal use of the resource through exploring opportunities that new technology has brought about, and if their application is beneficial. The block chain research lab will have Dr. Zheng Zhang of ISCAS, an Engineer, Dr. Qiang Tang of Ying Wu College and Dr. Jian Pei of – department of Big Data & Smart Supply Chain as the executive members. They will lead in exploring growth and investment opportunities in the blockchain.


JD acknowledges the importance of serving customers right and hence will invest in making the entire supply chain is transparent and ensure its customers receive high quality goods. NJIT on the other hand, feels esteemed for the partnership that will see them device technological solutions to curb cyber-security. The deputy Director at ISCAS noted that the research lab will not only boost application of blockchain technology but it will also encourage innovation and invention. This will then cement the Research Lab objective which is to bring convenience in operations management., also known as is a giant e-commerce platform based in Beijing that helps small to large sized businesses manage effectively their supply chains. It was founded in 2004 by Richard Liu after he fail in various entrepreneurial ventures. When he was at the verge of giving up, he began selling online. He later realized revenues generated online was more than what was generated using conventional methods of selling.


Richard Liu launched with unique approach that was strategic, innovative and appealing away from the proverbial methods that often lead to customer dissatisfaction. Today, is the largest e-commerce platform that has traded publicly in the stock market. Go Here to learn more.


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Igor Cornelsen Sees Possibilities For Investing In Multiple Facets of Latin American Culture

It is going to be easier to set up a portfolio when you take the advice that Igor Cornelsen is sending down from his investment expert seat. He is someone that has been able to rise in the Latin America community as a very popular investor in Brazilian investments. Now he knows that diversity with International stocks is the way to build your portfolio at a higher return rate.

He did not go to school to become an investor, but he transitioned into the banking industry and investing came naturally. Igor Cornelsen explores the possibilities of investing in Brazil as a culture. He urges investors to look at more than investing in companies through stocks alone. There are people that are traveling to Brazil all the time. It is a major tourist spot. This means that there are investment opportunities in the land as well. With such a vibrant economy that is booming it seems natural for people to find opportunities to invest in real estate. This is another area that Igor Cornelsen wants people to explore if they are trying to build their portfolio.

The investor that only takes a look at stocks will find themselves highly disappointed with their returns on their investments. The same is true for those that only look at stocks in America. Igor has learned this over the years, and this is why he preaches heavily about the need to diversify. If you never take the time to build up your portfolio there will be no way for you to make your money grow for you down through the years. Igor is someone that does not believe in pounding the pavement for work when you can make your investments work for you. These ideologies about diversification are widely known with his clients from his Bainbridge Investments company. Igor Cornelsen: Article About This Person