Richard Liu Qiangdong On Growth in China, whose main competitors include Alibaba, Walmart, Costco, and other online retail Giants, is headed by Richard Liu. Richard went to college in Beijing and as a budding entrepreneur had a couple businesses that failed before his online business took off.

At the height of the SARS epidemic in 2004, Richard was worried about contaminating employees and managers and customers. One of his managers suggested that Jingdong Mall move online as a way to maintain sales without having to run the risk of becoming sick from SARS.

Fortunately, Qiangdong’s business model took off the ground running quite successfully and the company has been expanding constantly until the point where they now are able to deliver any one of over a few billion goods to choose from in under 3 hours to people who live in Beijing. and Richard Liu do offer global shipping which currently takes up to 15 days.

In a recent interview, Richard Liu was asked if he sees the company expanding more globally to compete with giants like Walmart, or whether they will focus their growth within China. His response was that, “Most of the worldwide growth which occurs in China will affect the world. Whoever becomes the biggest online retail Giant in China will ultimately become the biggest in the world, because China has so many people.” See This Page to learn more.

Richard Liu Quiangdong says that the company does have plans to expand all over the world, but first will focus on growth in China. In past years, there have been 100% year-over-year growth with the exception of 2017. In 2017 the focus was more on quality of services and production capabilities to increase customer bases. He does not see growth in the United States to be as likely as it will be in China because there is a large degree of protectionism with regard to American Trade laws which will prohibit China from spending, more than likely.


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Richard Liu, the founder and CEO of, which is also known as Jingdong Mall has progressively worked to make his bright idea of online and retail selling work. He recently announced that was getting into a partnership with the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Science – ISCAS and the Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIT. In fact, this joint blockchain research lab has already been launched in Beijing.


Ideally, “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” is aimed at stabilizing the market, eliminate challenges and bring about optimal use of the resource through exploring opportunities that new technology has brought about, and if their application is beneficial. The block chain research lab will have Dr. Zheng Zhang of ISCAS, an Engineer, Dr. Qiang Tang of Ying Wu College and Dr. Jian Pei of – department of Big Data & Smart Supply Chain as the executive members. They will lead in exploring growth and investment opportunities in the blockchain.


JD acknowledges the importance of serving customers right and hence will invest in making the entire supply chain is transparent and ensure its customers receive high quality goods. NJIT on the other hand, feels esteemed for the partnership that will see them device technological solutions to curb cyber-security. The deputy Director at ISCAS noted that the research lab will not only boost application of blockchain technology but it will also encourage innovation and invention. This will then cement the Research Lab objective which is to bring convenience in operations management., also known as is a giant e-commerce platform based in Beijing that helps small to large sized businesses manage effectively their supply chains. It was founded in 2004 by Richard Liu after he fail in various entrepreneurial ventures. When he was at the verge of giving up, he began selling online. He later realized revenues generated online was more than what was generated using conventional methods of selling.


Richard Liu launched with unique approach that was strategic, innovative and appealing away from the proverbial methods that often lead to customer dissatisfaction. Today, is the largest e-commerce platform that has traded publicly in the stock market. Go Here to learn more.


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Igor Cornelsen Sees Possibilities For Investing In Multiple Facets of Latin American Culture

It is going to be easier to set up a portfolio when you take the advice that Igor Cornelsen is sending down from his investment expert seat. He is someone that has been able to rise in the Latin America community as a very popular investor in Brazilian investments. Now he knows that diversity with International stocks is the way to build your portfolio at a higher return rate.

He did not go to school to become an investor, but he transitioned into the banking industry and investing came naturally. Igor Cornelsen explores the possibilities of investing in Brazil as a culture. He urges investors to look at more than investing in companies through stocks alone. There are people that are traveling to Brazil all the time. It is a major tourist spot. This means that there are investment opportunities in the land as well. With such a vibrant economy that is booming it seems natural for people to find opportunities to invest in real estate. This is another area that Igor Cornelsen wants people to explore if they are trying to build their portfolio.

The investor that only takes a look at stocks will find themselves highly disappointed with their returns on their investments. The same is true for those that only look at stocks in America. Igor has learned this over the years, and this is why he preaches heavily about the need to diversify. If you never take the time to build up your portfolio there will be no way for you to make your money grow for you down through the years. Igor is someone that does not believe in pounding the pavement for work when you can make your investments work for you. These ideologies about diversification are widely known with his clients from his Bainbridge Investments company. Igor Cornelsen: Article About This Person


Professor Sujit Choudhry- Guest Researcher for WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Professor Sujit Choudhry is an expert and educator that majors in comparative constitutional law. He is also the director of the Institute for the Constitutional Transitions. Professor Sujit Choudhry is also a lecturer at the University of California and a dean at the Law School. He started off his career as a law clerk at the supreme court of Canada. Sujit Choudhry also worked as a visiting professor at the Harvard Law School. Sujit later joined the University of Toronto as an Assistant Professor and later became an Associate Dean later. Having a very vast experience in constitutional law has been very important as Sujit was in the advisory panel that put in place the structures for governing the municipal council of Toronto. He is also a World Bank consultant on matters law and constitutional affairs, see (

Professor Sujit Choudhry recently did research titled “A Proponent for Peace through Constitutional Law.” In the recent paper, he starts by saying that there is no democracy that can be complete without a constitution, check ( He also says that there is no constitution that can be complete without the inclusion of an expert in constitutional law. This research paper was used as a reference during the very controversial elections of 2016 in the United States. The paper is a reflection of the ongoing resiliency for power in the US. The paper was also very instrumental during the peace negotiations in Kiev too. Scholars have said that this one of the best scholarly papers ever done.

He is very well with issues of comparative constitutional law, knowledge he has obtained by staying with many cultures across the globe. He also has a number of degrees and a Ph.D. as well. In the paper, he says that there is a need for evidence when bringing in place policies to govern jurisdictions, learn more on

Having been born in India and brought up in Canada, he boasts a multi-cultural upbringing that has been very instrumental in shaping his career. His both parents in a large way were scholars. The father worked as an economics lecturer while the mother lectured nursing. His parents were very instrumental in molding him to the scholar he is today. Choudhry has several degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto, click’s Introduction To Thailand Has Increased The Growth Rate Of The Company Dramatically is one of the largest e-commerce platforms that offers an infinite range of goods and accessories in China. Since their inception, they have been steadily expanding and recently set their foot in Indonesia after partnering up with the big-box retailer Central Group. This partnership brewed up a new subsidiary called JD Central which will make the lives of the citizens convenient by providing a wide range of products for purchase through the online platform. They have also made huge investments in an e-commerce platform in Vietnam that goes by the name Tiki.


In June of this year, JD Central was launched for testing purposes and has received an overwhelming response from the citizens of the country. The variety of goods and products range from smartphones, electronic appliances to cosmetics and household hardware. With a user-friendly interface, anyone can easily purchase a product with ease just by following the simple steps that come with a range of payment options. They have also integrated a shipment tracking facility which keeps the consumers up to date with the current progress of shipment along with an estimated date of delivery. The e-commerce website can be accessed through a smartphone app, a tablet, and even a desktop. The statistics show that 80% of direct sales were made through the application with fashion goods being the top selling products. See This Page for more information.


The incorporation of technology and creativity ensures lightning fast deliveries and advanced retail logistics throughout Thailand. The warehouse management system of has been replicated to manage inventory in the warehouses for JD Central that offers products to different demographics including Bangkok. They announced that they will introduce 1-day delivery options in the near future. Their recent partnerships with local delivery logistics provider to expand their reach in the country at a good pace.


Vincent Yang, the current CEO of JD Central was delighted to announce their success of reaching out to a broader spectrum of consumers in the whole of Southeast Asia. JD Central vouches for 100% authenticity of their products which are double checked before making an entry in their warehouses.



Robert Deignan Offers Hard Earned Advice to New Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur and formal professional football player, Robert Deignan, was recently featured in a Gazette Day article titled “5 Tips from Entrepreneur and Businessman Robert Deignan.” The article was written by Erica Smith to cover the top tips the veteran entrepreneur has to give to those who wish to start a business in today’s market.

Often, starting a new business can mean long hours and difficult choices. It requires creativity and intelligence, but it also requires a certain amount of courage. Smart entrepreneurs look to learn as much as they can from those who have already gone through the tough early stages of building a business. This is why Robert Deignan wanted to provide some of his hard-earned knowledge to the young entrepreneurs of today.

One of the first qualities every entrepreneur needs to develop is learning how to trust one’s instincts. Though every business has the same principals, it is important to trust that you know what is best for your business. It is important to develop this quality for both large and small decisions because more often than not, the first reaction is the one that is best for the business and everyone in it. However, it is also important to get all the necessary information down on paper. By working with a spreadsheet to analyze whether the ideas are good or not, one can support the decision with quality information. Using the paired strategy of instinctual decision making and informed decision making, entrepreneurs can make their business better every day.

Robert Deignan also suggests being careful when going through the hiring process. It can often be tempting to hire friends or family members, but this can often ruin the relationship or the business. By hiring your close relations, you put those relationships at risk when you have to make the difficult decision to let someone go or to cut salaries. It is also important to look beyond the resume and find employees who can cultivate a great working culture.

Robert Deignan is the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. The company focuses on helping clients around the world with digital support, providing answers to the toughest questions and queries regarding technology.

Alex Hern: A Bright Future for Tsunami XR

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a well-respected businessman who acts as chairman and CEO of Tsunami XR. Alex Hern is a veteran in the entrepreneurial world with more than 25 years’ experience. He credits his success to the extreme amount of focus he has been able to cultivate. He believes that when business leaders and entrepreneurs split their focus among various projects they are taking away from their ability to produce quality work. He thinks that this focus would be better used if it were directed towards one project at a time. This is probably why he has been so successful in nurturing the growth of young technology companies. He continues to astound his competitors with his unique approach.

Tsunami XR has been the most recent and successful project of Alex. Alex Hern decided that a foray into Tsunami XR would be beneficial for everyone. The software company offers a variety of options to customers when it comes to their individual needs. The reason why Tsunami XR is so important is that there is a shift in the way that processing is being driven for computers. Instead of being mostly focused on the CPU more companies are shifting to a GPU focus. This means that different software and technologies will need to be written to complement this change. It is a bold change the one that is not unwelcome. GPU’s offer a more efficient mode of computation.

When it comes to the next steps in technology is difficult to say where the winds will blow. Technology is always advancing. It is one of the businesses that is always in constant fluctuation. Alex Hern believes that AI is going to be a major part of Tsunami XR’s future. Machine learning is also a concept that will be heavily integrated into Tsunami XR. Alex Hern knows that as these technologies advance they will become more commonplace in modern society. Successfully implementing them into his technology company will ensure that it meets the needs of future consumers. Alex Hern has always been able to anticipate those needs and successfully meet them. This is one of the reasons why the future for Tsunami XR is so bright. Announces The Launch Of JD CENTRAL was founded in 2004 and is a Chinese internet company active in the consumer electronics retail sector. Recently, the company announced their expansion in Southeast Asia, with the creation of “JD CENTRAL” which is the result of the collaboration with the leading retail conglomerate in Thailand, Central Group. JD CENTRAL is an e-commerce platform that officially debuted on the 28th of September. The platform will extend the company’s footprint in the region, which already includes an investment in the Vietnamese company Tiki and the launch of an e-commerce platform in Indonesia.


JD CENTRAL offers marketplace models and direct sales, the categories available on the site including digital products, electronics, cosmetics, music, and everything in between. 80% of the people who shopped on the platform have accessed it through their cell phones, the top selling categories includes fashion and mobile devices, with Chinese brands like Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus proving to be popular among customers.


JD CENTRAL’s Chief Executive Officer, Vincent Yang noted that with the launch of the platform, the company is delighted to take a step forwards on its ongoing journey to serve Southeast Asia’s customers. In addition, he mentioned that the one-of-a-kind partnership between and Central Group will provide Thai customers with a world-class e-commerce experience. He also expressed that this move will unlock consumer potential and will transform the local market, the ultimate goal being to become the most trusted brand in the country.


In recent news, and San Miguel, which is an important citrus company in the Southern Hemisphere, announced that they are strengthening their relationship in order to market fresh produce via their e-commerce platform. announced its “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance”, which is designed to boost the activity in the fruit and vegetable market in Honk Kong. Besides San Miguel, other 18 fruit producers joined the initiative, such as Wonderful Citrus, and Zespri. The partnership will allow the boosting in business development via e-commerce and also recognizes San Miguel as an important entity. Additionally, the alliance will expend the company’s presence in a market which has the greatest global growth. Go To This Page for related information.



Ted Bauman Worked As A Part-Time Editor With A Target Of Protecting

Ted Bauman grew up in Maryland rural Eastern shore in the United States. He serves as an editor of Banyan Hill Publishing where he joined in 2013. He has specialized in international migration issues, asset protection, low –risk investment strategies and privacy.

He is presently living with his whole family in Atlanta, GA. He is an economist by training where he has been actively involved in growth and enactment of post-apartheid financial and development policy. He migrated to South Africa in mid-1980 but later returned to the US in 2008 to work for the large Atlanta-based nonprofit organization. He worked as a director of international programs where he used his background as an economist to develop ideas and strategies to build the organization towards its success.

Ted Bauman worked as a part-time editor with a target of protecting his father’s assets. He applied his extensive economic knowledge in writing that gave him his popularity. This effort has made him be an editor of The Bauman Letter that is published every month. His audience of readers is the largest and has over 200,000 subscribers in the Banyan Hill Group.

Ted Bauman has extended his writing and has included more publications such as Alpha Stock Alert, ETF-trading platform and Smart Money services that are published every week. In his book, Ted Bauman can bring a broader perception to the market growth and provide readers with exceptional understandings into the things that can help them make good profits when trading.

He is a financial writer who has not worked in investment professional like the most economist would do instead he has worked for many years in nonprofit firm developers managing housing finance system in developing nations across the world such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Ted Bauman has been in the forefront in the protection of peoples’ rights from the threat of the government as well as protection of people’s rights in big businesses. He was prompted to joining Banyan Hill publishing due to his keen interest in personal freedom to help people from being oppressed by the government of the day or by big organizations.

Bruce Katzen Establishes His Reputation As One Of The Best Lawyers In America

Attorney Bruce Katzen is a founding partner of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. He is the chair of this law firm’s Estate Litigation Practice Group. His legal focus is on financial litigation, probate litigation, commercial litigation, and trust and guardianship disputes. Before he became an attorney had been trained as a certified public accountant (CPA) and discovered that he was highly interested in legal cases involving financial fraud and probate lawsuits.

He is a 1980 graduate of Boston University. After he earned his CPA designation he attended the University of Miami School of Law. He was the salutatorian of his graduating class at this educational institution. His educational and work background make him ideally suited to manage legal cases involving life insurance disputes, financial fraud, stockbroker and accountant liability, probate, and franchise disputes.

Bruce Katzen is a member of several professional organizations. Among these are the American Bar Association, The Florida Bar, Federal Rules Committee, the American’ Trial Lawyers’ Association, and the Dade County Trial Lawyers Association where he served as a director from 1991 to 1992. He also volunteers his time and legal skills to a number of nonprofits such as the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation Young Presidents, the United Way, and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

He has handled many important legal cases and due to this Bruce Katzen has been talked about in several publications. Among these are the South Florida Legal Guide, Florida Trend Magazine, the South Florida Business Journal, and Super Lawyers Business Edition. Starting in 2011, the publication US News and World Report has included him among their Best Lawyers in America within the Securities and Capital Markets Law category.