Stratford Shields Discusses his Career in Public Finance Banking

When most people think of investment banking, they think of IPOs and private equity firms raising capital. However, investment banking is also an important means of raising funds for local and state government agencies as well as non-profit groups. As managing director at Loop Capital Markets in Chicago, Stratford Shields helps local governments in the Midwest and Northeast regions. Prior to going into public finance banking, he was President of the State Controlling Board of Ohio, as well as serving as Deputy Director of the state’s Office of Management and Budget. He also previously served as Head of Public Finance for Morgan Stanley and as the Chief Financial Officer for Ohio State University, one of the nation’s leading public universities.

According to Stratford Shields, they key to success in investment banking is to have a deep understanding of the client. Shields believes this is especially important to be aware of what leaders in the organization may be opposed to your deal, especially when the organization is a smaller firm. The investment banker suggests addressing the skeptical client’s concerns, but staying focused on the big picture.

When asked about future opportunities on the horizon, Shields was very bullish on privatizations in public university and healthcare systems. It is his view that colleges and public health institutions are more open to new possibilities when it comes to financing and services. While at Morgan Stanley, Stratford Shields oversaw the privatization of parking services at Ohio State, Eastern Michigan University, and Northeastern University.

Stratford Shields has also been active in his profession. He was Treasurer of the Municipal Finance Industry Association. In addition, he served as Chair and Vice Chair of the Security Industry Financial Markets Association. Shields attended college at Ohio State University, graduating with a BA in History. He also holds an MA and MBA from Columbia University.

Luke Lazarus

Australian businessman Luke Lazarus is a startup and struggling business consultant who works mostly with companies located in Southeastern Australia. He has over 20 years of experience when it comes to providing companies with help needed to excel their company to the next level. He has done this same type of work with four businesses of his own. He built and sold all four of these businesses by the time he was 33.

When Luke Lazarus consults a company the first thing he does is identifies the problem or areas that the business is struggling in. He then creates a business plan that focuses on improving or eliminating the problem. Once these issues are addressed Luke Lazarus then focuses on driving the company towards more success.

Luke Lazarus is from Melbourne Australia and he attended College there as well. He graduated from Melbourne Business School with his MBA. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

If a business owner is struggling with their business or start up in the area of Australia they should definitely consider getting a consultation from Luke Lazarus. One of the philosophies of Luke Lazarus that he gives to chief executive officer who is consulting is that it is extremely important to identify, define, and address all the key areas that a business needs to be successful.

Luke Lazarus is well-qualified to inform and consult these chief executive officers because he has over 20 years of experience in the industry of consulting corporate leaders. Luke Lazarus acquired the knowledge of how to improve a business as soon as he graduated from college.

He started multiple businesses and taught himself how to grow those businesses to where they were successful and profitable. This experience is what gave him the knowledge of how to identify ways to improve any business.

Luke Lazarus also views a business plan as a road map to success. He states that a business plan provides the business owner or company with realistic expectations and the financial model to support those expectations. He also states that the business plan helps to tell the companies story of the product or business.

Luke Lazarus has given chief executive officer of struggling businesses and startups all of the information that they need to change the direction of their business and make it more successful. His background and success of helping many struggling businesses and startups over the last 20 years is not just impressive but it is proof that he is more than qualified to consult any company.

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Better Solutions Equals Better Food Services: OSI Industries

OSI Industries, a top-rated food processor, has been on its game over the past decade. This American-based food giant is in a class of its own thanks to bringing in some new ingenuity. OSI Industries is not only a food processor. This particular company specializes in food development, management, sourcing and distribution services. In addition to that, clients can now create their own food products by working hand-to-hand with OSI. Custom-food production has brought in new clients for the company. Creating the best possible product is the end goal, and OSI will work directly with the client during this process.

Over the past decade, OSI Industries has acquired stake in many other businesses. Tyson Foods’ Chicago-based plant was acquired by OSI in 2016. The company spent up to $7.4 million for a 200,000square-foot facility. By acquiring this particular plant, OSI has been able to strengthen its foundation because this plant is in close proximity to other OSI plants in the immediate area. Rose Packing is another acquired company by OSI. This particular company specializes in the production of pork products, including loins, meatballs, boneless turkey, pork chops, breakfast sausages and many more. The reason being for this acquisition is that Rose Packing perfectly complements OSI as a food processor. The two food companies share the same goals, and they conduct business the exact same way.

OSI Industries will definitely continue to shoot for the stars so to speak. Building a bigger and more productive brand is one of the company’s main goals. As of 2019, OSI hosts morethan 20,000 employees. In addition to that, the company has facilities and factories in Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Japan, China, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, Germany and other areas.

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Todd Levine: Assisting Business Entities with Legal Issues

Florida is home to some of the most successful law firms in the country, and Todd Levine is an attorney that is the pride of the state. He is one of the founders of a popular law firm operating in Florida, and through the years, he helped a lot of business entities that are facing legal issues. One of Todd Levine’s specialization is the litigation of commercial transactions, and he would always deliver impressive defense inside the court in favor of his client. Todd Levine has an impressive skill when it comes to defending his clients, and as a result, his service as an attorney is widely received by the public.

Todd Levine stated that the reason why he became a successful attorney is because of creativity that flows inside his mind whenever he is inside the court. He is an artist and a musician, and practicing these talents would require creativity. He stated that his creativity allowed him to become a competitive attorney who can think of creative ways on how he can defend his clients. Inside the court, he would always focus on the arguments of the opposing party and think of ways on how he can refute their statements. At the end of each court hearing, Todd Levine is thanked by his clients because of his impressive performance in delivering his arguments.

The law firm where Todd Levine is working for has a roster of lawyers who are almost perfect in delivering their jobs, but Todd Levine is still the most preferred attorney because of his experience in business litigation.

Through the years of working for the said law firm, Todd Levine received a lot of recognition from different groups and organizations in the United States. Along with his colleagues, Todd Levine is recognized as one of the best lawyers in America. He is grateful that there are still groups who are providing people like him with recognition, and he stated that it inspires him to do his job better. Todd Levine stated that he will continue working as a business attorney for anyone who might need his services, and he is welcoming all people to visit his law firm and ask for his assistance.

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ClassDojo and the Mindfulness Avenue

Research has indicated that international anxiety is becoming a bigger issue than ever before. It’s a particular big issue in teenagers and small kids. ClassDojo is the name of an app that has a concerned team on its side. The people who make up this staff have imaginative brains. That’s part of the reason they want to do their part to minimize unpleasant feelings of nerves in human beings.

The classroom app professionals joined forces with a strong number of international educational institutions. They did this in the spring of 2019. The aim behind this was to relish the pleasures of being mindful. It was a mission that was made up of training that revolved around mindfulness. Training sessions had durations of 15 total minutes.

Mindfulness, in a nutshell, is the strategy of remaining “current.” There are so many individuals who give themselves permission to concentrate on history. There are so many individuals who authorize themselves to dread the things that are coming up next as well. The aim behind mindfulness is simply to motivate individuals to pinpoint emotions. It’s to motivate them to pinpoint them and not analyze them in any sense. It can minimize feelings of sadness for many.

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James Dondero our hero

James Dondero is a part of a charitable donation towards The Family place. This program helps families that are dealing with violent situations. The Family Place is the largest provider of family violence services in the state of Texas. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

The Family Place raised funds for it’s Legacy Campaign to build and run a new counseling center in central Dallas. James Dondero came up with the idea to match the 1 million dollar grant as a challenge to raise more money for the Legacy Campaign. Read more about James Dondero at

James Dondero most recent contribution was to the Dallas Zoo. Even though he has been a contributor to the zoo for a while, this last donation helped create a new exhibit. In 2001 the last hippo at the Dallas Zoo passed away. With the passing of their beloved Papa their last hippo, the zoo management decided not to open the hippo exhibit until it was rebuilt. James Dondero donated 1 million dollars to bring the Highland Hippo Hut exhibit and created a permanent space for special education displays.


Andrey Andreev: The Billionaire Who Made the World Smaller

Since the internet had made the world smaller finding a mate has never been easier. The emergence of online dating applications and platforms took off like wildfire. At the helm of this new technological boom is none other than Andrey Andreev. He is a self-made Billionaire with an estimated net worth of nearly $2.4 billion. Mr. Andreev is a Russian entrepreneur with a green thumb. His primary residence is in the United Kingdom where his office is. 

His Work

In more than 190 countries, 47 languages, and 377 million users, Badoo is the world’s largest online dating site. Since the companies launch in 2006, it has achieved record-breaking growth. However, this growth and expansion is not a fluke. Badoo is one of four profitable companies run by Mr. Andreev. He had gotten his start in 1999 with a company called SpyLog. It was one of the innovators that began tracking website traffic to webpages. Since the concept is employed by many as it helps drive online business. In 2004, the Russian site Wamba has grown to nearly 30 million users in 15 different counties (Forbes). 

The Future

In a mere decade, Mr. Andreev has grown his fortune. However, he shows no signs of slowing down. In 2014, he had put a $10 million stake into Bumble. It is an American dating application with nearly 51 million users. This marks a market shift and expansion as Andrey Andreev is continually looking to reinvent the online dating industry. His time is mostly spent looking for new ways to improve his current ventures. This focus includes product development, global strategies, and continued refinement of Badoo. He also focuses on being surrounded by the best working team that´ll always support him. 

In the world today it is rare to find success on this level. Mr. Andreev is a serial entrepreneur with a spirit for making money. His passion, from early in his career, was to demystify the internet. He has passion for food and technology. From tracking website traffic to helping lovers find soul mates across land and sea, he has changed the game. His work is one of innovation, inspiration, and true entrepreneurial spirit. 

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Advices

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has a degree in Medicine from Brown University. He is a surgeon at Bronx care Health system where he has been working for years. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum upon graduation he was trained on Joint replacement, and over the years he has helped thousands of people with hip, knee and shoulder replacement giving them a better life.

Career contributions


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the director of various surgical operations, chairman of the board and also a devoted surgeon to provide high standard services. Dr. Ira has been entrusted to lead other surgeons ensuring they follow all the health standards and treat all patients with high-quality services.

Advisory Roles

Many companies have recognized Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum leadership skills and experience; hence, he has been given the role to share his advice. He is the Advisory Chief on technology department at The Swiftpath Program. Dr. Ira also serves as the Editorial Advisory member of the board at Medscape. At the American Academy of Orthopedics, he is a member of the project team board, and at DTC Health Company Dr. Ira serves as the Chief Medical Officer. Serving these roles have earned Dr. Ira respect and also gaining confidence from the patients.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has taken the initiative to share information on technologies. He is a lecturer devoted to ensuring he creates awareness to people on the importance of adopting modern technology and being ready to make a change in the health sector. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum through various websites he shares his insight to other surgeons on how to conduct invasive surgeries successfully.

Invasive Orthopedic Surgery

The surgeons like Dr. Ira have adopted the use of the new surgical techniques that include a smaller incision. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has extensive information on how smaller incisions are safe, easy to manage, and they also reduce infection chances. His insight has saved the lives of many patients.

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Matt Fleeger: Investing in the Exponential Growth of Gas and Oil Partnerships

Within the operating network of gas and oil general partnerships, Matt Fleeger is a man who holds the title and authoritative privilege of being both the President and CEO of one of the most affluent managing ventures of the pact—Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Fleeger’s collective executive and entrepreneurial expertise in the waste management, tanning, and gas and oil industries enabled him to acquire the team building, strategic planning, and contract negotiation skills needed to oversee the successful growth and development of Gulf Coast Western. Originally founded back in 1970 out of Dallas, Texas, the family-owned gas and oil exploration and development business expanded over the years to include several locations in the states of Mississippi, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Louisiana. Moreover, as of recently, Gulf Coast Western has shown an extreme interest in the investment and acquisition of a substantial amount of property in the state of Louisiana.

Through Gulf Coast Western’s partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners, the company has had the ability to expand its corporate footprint in the Southwestern region of Louisiana via its receipt of property rights to hundreds of miles of property and 3D seismic data in the region. Additionally, through Gulf Coast Western’s agreement with Warhorse Oil and Gas, the company has been given the authority the operate many of the oil producing wells in Louisiana. Furthermore, through its partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd, the company has encompassed itself within a pact that includes a 25 percent working interest to be a part of a drilling program in the Frio, Wilcox, and Cockfield formations to produce millions of barrels of oil. Yet, despite all of Gulf Coast Western’s current success, it only marks the beginning of a long list of aquisitional objectives for CEO Matt Fleeger. Through the continued maintenance of transparent relationships via mutual trust and respect within the company’s partnerships, Matt Fleeger remains in high hopes of expanding Gulf Coast Western beyond the South.

How Allied Wallet Is Creating Options For Clients

As many know by now, money makes the world go round. It has its place in almost every single aspect of our lives. This includes the industries we work in such as the medical, financial, and business industries. In a nutshell, the more of it there is, the more opportunities and options there are to succeed. Speaking of which, there is one company who is making an effort in creating as much of these options as possible (USmoney2020).

Knowing how it can benefit all parties involved, the payment processing solutions company Allied Wallet is by far the leader in this area. Doing so through customized payment solutions for businesses, payment processing services for each client, and other similar processes, they have managed to give solutions on a worldwide scale. Founded in London in 2002, it’s amazing to see how far they have come in such a short amount of time. Given their quick rise as a solutions company, who knows how big and beneficial they will be as a company once they hit their peak? Nonetheless, there are many examples that illustrate the amazing work they are doing. With this in mind, let’s dive into one example of how they found their way into creating options for one of the richest countries in the world. 

Adding Options In One of The World Richest Countries

In an article on Allied Wallet and how they are adding more options for businesses and clients, one of the more impressive things we learn is how they are not discriminating in any way. In other words, they are willing to serve and offer solutions to anybody in any financial situation. Recently, they have proved their willingness to do this by providing options to one of the richest countries in the world. 

As far as what that country is, the country that got the benefits of Allied Wallet’s services was Canada. With a population of nearly 40 million and nearly 19 billion euros in joint e-commerce spending, in the end, the country got a major boost in growth with digital banking and online transaction services provided by Allied. More than anything, this goes to show how powerful a company Allied Wallet has become. Without a doubt, the future looks bright for the company and anyone who gets to work with them.

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