Alex Hern: A Bright Future for Tsunami XR

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a well-respected businessman who acts as chairman and CEO of Tsunami XR. Alex Hern is a veteran in the entrepreneurial world with more than 25 years’ experience. He credits his success to the extreme amount of focus he has been able to cultivate. He believes that when business leaders and entrepreneurs split their focus among various projects they are taking away from their ability to produce quality work. He thinks that this focus would be better used if it were directed towards one project at a time. This is probably why he has been so successful in nurturing the growth of young technology companies. He continues to astound his competitors with his unique approach.

Tsunami XR has been the most recent and successful project of Alex. Alex Hern decided that a foray into Tsunami XR would be beneficial for everyone. The software company offers a variety of options to customers when it comes to their individual needs. The reason why Tsunami XR is so important is that there is a shift in the way that processing is being driven for computers. Instead of being mostly focused on the CPU more companies are shifting to a GPU focus. This means that different software and technologies will need to be written to complement this change. It is a bold change the one that is not unwelcome. GPU’s offer a more efficient mode of computation.

When it comes to the next steps in technology is difficult to say where the winds will blow. Technology is always advancing. It is one of the businesses that is always in constant fluctuation. Alex Hern believes that AI is going to be a major part of Tsunami XR’s future. Machine learning is also a concept that will be heavily integrated into Tsunami XR. Alex Hern knows that as these technologies advance they will become more commonplace in modern society. Successfully implementing them into his technology company will ensure that it meets the needs of future consumers. Alex Hern has always been able to anticipate those needs and successfully meet them. This is one of the reasons why the future for Tsunami XR is so bright.

Ted Bauman Worked As A Part-Time Editor With A Target Of Protecting

Ted Bauman grew up in Maryland rural Eastern shore in the United States. He serves as an editor of Banyan Hill Publishing where he joined in 2013. He has specialized in international migration issues, asset protection, low –risk investment strategies and privacy.

He is presently living with his whole family in Atlanta, GA. He is an economist by training where he has been actively involved in growth and enactment of post-apartheid financial and development policy. He migrated to South Africa in mid-1980 but later returned to the US in 2008 to work for the large Atlanta-based nonprofit organization. He worked as a director of international programs where he used his background as an economist to develop ideas and strategies to build the organization towards its success.

Ted Bauman worked as a part-time editor with a target of protecting his father’s assets. He applied his extensive economic knowledge in writing that gave him his popularity. This effort has made him be an editor of The Bauman Letter that is published every month. His audience of readers is the largest and has over 200,000 subscribers in the Banyan Hill Group.

Ted Bauman has extended his writing and has included more publications such as Alpha Stock Alert, ETF-trading platform and Smart Money services that are published every week. In his book, Ted Bauman can bring a broader perception to the market growth and provide readers with exceptional understandings into the things that can help them make good profits when trading.

He is a financial writer who has not worked in investment professional like the most economist would do instead he has worked for many years in nonprofit firm developers managing housing finance system in developing nations across the world such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Ted Bauman has been in the forefront in the protection of peoples’ rights from the threat of the government as well as protection of people’s rights in big businesses. He was prompted to joining Banyan Hill publishing due to his keen interest in personal freedom to help people from being oppressed by the government of the day or by big organizations.

Bruce Katzen Establishes His Reputation As One Of The Best Lawyers In America

Attorney Bruce Katzen is a founding partner of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. He is the chair of this law firm’s Estate Litigation Practice Group. His legal focus is on financial litigation, probate litigation, commercial litigation, and trust and guardianship disputes. Before he became an attorney had been trained as a certified public accountant (CPA) and discovered that he was highly interested in legal cases involving financial fraud and probate lawsuits.

He is a 1980 graduate of Boston University. After he earned his CPA designation he attended the University of Miami School of Law. He was the salutatorian of his graduating class at this educational institution. His educational and work background make him ideally suited to manage legal cases involving life insurance disputes, financial fraud, stockbroker and accountant liability, probate, and franchise disputes.

Bruce Katzen is a member of several professional organizations. Among these are the American Bar Association, The Florida Bar, Federal Rules Committee, the American’ Trial Lawyers’ Association, and the Dade County Trial Lawyers Association where he served as a director from 1991 to 1992. He also volunteers his time and legal skills to a number of nonprofits such as the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation Young Presidents, the United Way, and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

He has handled many important legal cases and due to this Bruce Katzen has been talked about in several publications. Among these are the South Florida Legal Guide, Florida Trend Magazine, the South Florida Business Journal, and Super Lawyers Business Edition. Starting in 2011, the publication US News and World Report has included him among their Best Lawyers in America within the Securities and Capital Markets Law category.

Aloha Construction Has Been Awarded with Torch Award by BBB in Recognition of their Marketplace Ethics

Recently, Aloha Construction, a Lake Zurich-based general contractor, was given the 2017 Torch Award in recognition of their Marketplace Ethics by the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau selects companies which have demonstrated best ethical practices in their operations throughout the year and awards them with Torch Award. To be selected for the award, a company is taken through a thorough screening process, vetted and selected by a panel of judges.



According to the judges, the company’s dedication to the community made them the worthy recipient of the award. The drive, dedication and love for the local community by the family-owned company made them outshine other local companies.



The Better Business Bureau started awarding companies the Torch Award in 1996 in recognition of their superb performance in regard to business practices, social responsibility and leadership. Since then, it has been giving out the award each year. The award is prestigious and has been recognized as a demonstration of excellence in business ethics to the community, customers as well as employees. It is an honor for any company to win the award and the construction company passed all the hurdles to be the proud recipient of the award.



Apart from they are offering great roofing and siding services, they have also embraced their corporate social responsibility and they have involved themselves in various philanthropic activities.



About Aloha Construction



Aloha is a general contractor as well as construction company that is owned and operated by a family. Founded in 2008 by David Farbaky, the company has been offering roofing, siding replacement as well as gutters contracting services in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.



The company has grown rapidly, having completed over 18000 projects and now, it has a friendly team of experts enabling them to offer excellent customer services. The company’s projects totals to 7.1M square feet of Vinyl siding as well as 15M square feet of shingles and finally,installation of 1M feet of gutters . Additionally, they offer remodeling services as well as a free property inspection.



Aloha Construction has embraced its corporate social responsibility. In line with its founder’s wish, the company started David Farbaky Foundation, a foundation that aims to spread acts of kindness around Lake Zurich.

NGP VAN Had A Lot Of Success In 2017

A few months back, NGP VAN posted a video to their Facebook entitled “Powering Progress in 2017”. This video was all about their political success in the year 2017 and how they hope to continue to do good things in the rest of 2018 and beyond.


Some of the success that NGP VAN talks about in this video is praising their followers and members for things they have done to create a political change. These things include the Women’s Marches, voting for better candidates, campaigning, and more. This video helps give more encouragement to the NGP VAN followers to keep on the democratic path.


And on June 14, NGP VAN published a post to their Medium account entitled “5 Smart Political & Advocacy Emails to Inspire Your Campaign”. The post is pretty self-explanatory from the title, but it does go into great depth about how to use the strategies they lay out to increase the power of your political campaign.

For example, NGP VAN suggests that you should use clean graphics in order to grab people’s attention. They also suggest that you be clear and concise and that you use as few words as possible to avoid overwhelming or confusing people. Throughout this Medium article, NGP VAN uses examples of political emails from the DNC and other organizations to better their points.


NGP VAN was founded in 2001 by Nathaniel Pearlman.


Their headquarters is located proudly in Washington, D.C. NGP VAN identifies as being Democratic and promoting the values that come along with that political party. They primarily operate as a web hosting provider and voter database. This company is privately owned. Employees of NGP VAN frequently leave high ratings of the company on employment websites such as And according to Glassdoor’s information, over 86% of the employees asked do approve of NGP VAN’s CEO.



Nowadays, getting the right person for a job can be very tricky. There are countless graduates across the globe, most of who don’t have the required experience to hold a given position in an institution. The management often resorts to outsourcing for someone to help them find the right person for the job. This tends to be expensive. For companies that can’t afford a third party to aid in their search for an ideal candidate, it often brings them back to using a criterion to find out whether it’d be advisable to choose this person and leave out all the rest. One of the factors that they take into account is whether or not this person belongs to a professional body. This not only confirms someone’s authenticity but also shows that the candidate is responsible too. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

Robert Ivy heads one of the professional bodies that ought to be considered by people in this field, the American Institute of Architects. Mr. Ivy’s contribution to the architectural field constitutes the reason why he’s the most preferred person to hold this position. He schooled at Tulane University, where he got a Master’s in Architecture. Additionally, Robert Ivy also has a track record that can inspire many. He’s held executive positions in companies such as Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy, both of which were media platforms that critiqued other national publications.

Robert Ivy also worked with McGraw Hill Construction Media where he held the Editorial Director and Vice President positions. This media company was responsible for multiple publications that dealt with architecture. Robert Ivy also held the Editor in Chief position for the Architectural record.

Robert Ivy has described the benefits of joining professional bodies such as the one he heads. He explains that having a large number of members in such an institution gives them a voice when it comes to bringing up issues that could benefit its members. He also goes on to say that clients who are looking to hire someone from a professional body do so easily since they know that members of organizations such as the AIA work based on certain principles.

A person who joins a professional body also has access to a pool of resources provided by the body. It would be easier to further someone’s profession if they were able to work with such resources at their disposal.

Learn more:  


OSI Group’s Quest for Full Sustainability

OSI Group is a major company that is one of the largest food producers not just in the United States, but the whole entire world. Furthermore, ever since Sheldon Lavin was put into a leadership position in the 1970s the company’s main focus has revolved around sustainable food production. OSI Group has always been an innovative force that with the use of new technology continue to innovate in the food market.

The company started off in Chicago as a butcher shop then eventually grew to supply a portion of all McDonalds restaurants in the United States. The new main focus of the company is to continue to use technology while staying sustainable to eliminate environmental harm from all of the food production. Sheldon Lavin has won numerous sustainability awards for working hard to start manufacturing environmental friendly meals that the world needs.

The awards that Sheldon Lavin has been honored with are the Global Visionary Award, the California Green Business Award, and many others all due to his work of being a visionary responsible for creating a sustainable food market.

Currently, OSI Group has 20,000 workers world wide with 65 buildings in 17 different countries around the world making for a very big global company. In addition to this, the company was recently reported on Forbes as the 58th biggest company in the world having a net worth of $6.1 billion.

OSI Group has risked a lot in order to go ahead of other companies in trying to be a fully sustainable major worldwide food producer. The company has two research and development centers which are housed in the United State and China where they look for new ways to make their food and facilities sustainable. These two facilities work on how they can build new measures that will make their other facilities around the world lessen their environmental impact. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

Just recently, in 2017 a new high position in the company was created called a Chief Sustainability Officer with Nicole johnson-Hoffman helming the position. Furthermore, she was also the senior vice president at the company so she has been fully behind Sheldon Lavin’s goal of becoming a fully sustainable company. The big push for sustainability will only help the environment due to the company being a major world supplier of meat, vegetable, and fruit products. McDonalds has also been a company that works closely with Lavin so they both can push the industry everywhere to become sustainable.

Why many Corporations trust Madison Street Capital

In the recently published article on the website, Madison Street Capital is at it again; it has been involved in the financial deal between Professional Piping Inc. (PPI) and KJM Capital, LLC. Professional Piping is a plumbing company known for layout designing and installation of piping systems for companies in the manufacturing sector.


PPI started its operations over four decades ago as an independent contractor dealing with pipe repairs, especially in the textile industries. Today, the corporation now installs pipes and water machines. It is also involved with facility maintenance, new construction, replacements, and renovations. The deal announcements were made by Lester Rodgers, a managing director, and Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital’s chief executive officer.


KJM Capital, LLC is a company owned by Kenneth J. Meister and a group of partners. In the beginning, the firm mainly focused its investments on middle and lower-market firms that were offering productive services to their customers. Currently, KJM Capital has grown its portfolio but still partners with entrepreneurs and companies to provide a variety of services that include software installations, accounting and finance, and operational expertise.


Madison Street Capital reputation in the financial markets has been growing over the years. The corporation began its operations over four decades ago and has continued to provide exceptional services to its clients from its offices in Chicago, Illinois, and around the world. The firm is always committed to service delivery, leadership, excellence, and integrity to every humanitarian and business activity it decides to undertake. From the array of the many services it provides, Madison is known for its expertise in mergers and acquisitions and appraisal services to both private and public corporations.


Over the many years, Madison Street Capital has been part and parcel of various financial transactions. The transactions have been so significant that the company has won several awards and honors. At the M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital scooped the prize for Debt Financing deal of the year and was a finalist in three other categories. The company continues to make headlines in the financial circles and profitability is inevitable.


Read to learn more.


Madison Street Capital reputation for philanthropy has also contributed significantly to its success. Recent disastrous weather conditions have affected many families and communities in the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the US. The firm was keen on helping out by offering financial and material donations. It also continuously funds the United Way and the Red Cross of America.

Freedom Checks, Money for Something

Money is a tool of leverage for investors. The expected outcome of the leverage is what investors call “ROI” Return on Investment or the “bottom line.” Freedom Checks are overall the “bottom line” for shareholders who invest in energy related businesses ( Instead of receiving a dividend for investing, you receive this “freedom check” from MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships). They need to qualify for special tax exemptions to be able to drill oil wells, transport fuel through pipelines and dig for natural gases ( They must give out 90 cents for every dollar profited. When President Nixon was in office he passed a law that rewards people for investing in domestic energy producers. The goal of the government was to become independent of foreign oil and gas (

When the name Freedom Checks was first heard of, investors thought it was a scam, because dividends would not normally be thought of as “Freedom Checks.” Matt Badiali, a geologist with a master’s degree in earth science presented to shareholders the Freedom Check. He taught geology at Duke University and University of North Carolina ( Matt has been around the world investing energy mines and fields in Singapore, the Yukon, Iraq and Hong Kong. In 2008 he invested in energy stock for 0.06 cents a share ( By 2010 he sold the stock for $2.64 a share, a 4,400 % return. Freedom checks comes from MLPs that know how to benefit from the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26 (

Master Limited Partnerships have estimated that 34.6 billion dollars will be paid out to shareholders/investors during the coming year ( Matt has stated some companies could see gains of up to 39,832% ( It could mean if $1000 was invested, a return of $398,000 could be paid out. To get a large return, a large investment would have to made, but Americans can invest $50 or $100 to start ( How to Get Your Cut of $34.6 Billion in Freedom Checks.

The US dependency on foreign oil has decreased through the years. There is an increase of domestic fuel and oil production here, due the change in fracking laws ( The world population continues to increase and its need for fuel and oil ( There could be great gain for Americans investing in MLPs.

Why Matt Badiali Advocates for Silver

Finance guru Matt Badiali has been at the forefront urging investors to buy silver. This move comes after the price of silver hit its lowest price of $14.15 on September 4, since January 2016. Currently, the US dollar has become a haven for most countries owing to the uncertain economy in the world. The other assurance that he gives investors is that $190 billion of cryptocurrencies was used to buy silver and gold about a decade ago. At the same time, the industries which have always had the most significant demand for silver used 60 percent of silver last year. At the beginning of the year, the Exchange Traded funds held silver worth 670 million dollars.

The other reason that Matt Badiali gives for the purchase of silver is that electrification and green power will need silver. At the same time, the green technology industry will take up 1.5 billion ounces of silver by 2030. Solar energy alone will use an estimated 820 million ounces while the rest goes into the manufacturing of electric cars. Matt Badiali says that the supply of silver dropped by 2 percent between 2016 and 2017. This was followed closely by the mine production that reduced by 4 percent.

The profitability of silver according to Matt Badiali comes from the fact that 84 ounces of silver can be used to buy one ounce of gold. About 25 years ago, the ratio stood at 65 ounces of silver per one ounce of gold. The highest silver to gold ratio was witnessed in 1995 where it was 80 silver ounces per gold. Matt Badiali believes that the investors who will buy silver now will make close to two-digit profits.

With over ten years’ experience in financing, Badiali is the founder of Real Wealth Strategist Company. He is a renowned finance expert and investments advisor. People who have followed his advice on the market trends and the stock market, in general, have made up to double-digit profits. Currently, he has been following the oil markets and how the increasing oil prices will affect the market.